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Everything you need to know to create engaging instagram carousels

Updated on 09 September 2020
Digital Marketing
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Updated on 09 September 2020

Instagram today has become the most irresistible part of our lives.

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning or when you have free time to spare? 

Answer to this question by most amongst us will be "surfing instagram"

This is because it has been the most effective visually oriented platform that enables us to view all the interesting stuff in the form of post, story, igtv videos etc, perhaps this also includes accessing news to some extent, without making you bored. 

It has become a medium to share our endeavors and moments of joy or check on how a friend is doing. Not only this but it provides a platform to meet new people, share your ideologies, products and services and reach a greater audience, while building a meaningful relationship with them. 

Back in 2017, instagram launched a feature that favoured and enlarged the possibility of sharing 10 pictures at a go. 

A new and effective way to tell a story, showcase your products and flaunt every detail you wish. 

This feature is known as the "multi-image, or carousel upload feature".

What is an Instagram Carousel?

It enables users to add up to ten photos or videos in the same post. Since then it has become one of the most popular and engaging post formats. A user can swipe left to view the other images which in turn would lead to a boost in engagement.

Such posts are not visually appealing and creative but also interactive. 

Well it is also interesting how these carousel designs aren't limited to just to the posts. They can be also used in the instagram stories and instagram carousel ads.  

One can indeed take fullest advantage of this feature by optimising and personalising each photo or message you share. This is a new aged technique of marketing and promotions. 

Let's now swiftly get into 

How to create instagram carousels.

Remember allowance of posting up to 10 pictures doesn't mean a random act of post, curated pictures would work to achieve the goals of enhanced engagement. You need to follow some tricks or build on strategies that work in this favour.

Use Templates to generate consistency: An overall consistency leads to an organized and interesting feed. Having templates not only ensures smooth carousel creation but also to create effective ones. 

Look out for inspiration to draw a unique and creative idea: Take inspirations to enhance creativity. It is important to come up with a creative idea that not only impresses the masses but also enables them to relate with the post or product. You can draw inspiration from your own experience or from friends and competitors.

Creation of the post: Creation certainly the tricky part. You need to be highly creative in this process as this is your chance to attract the user's attention. There's isn't a how-to-guide to drive in creative and to churn out interesting posts however a few tips can always be useful.

A well defined style: Style is a personalized thing. The design of the post must match and resonate with the your or your brands style. Make effective use of visuals that enhances the user experience.

Interesting images: Images are always interesting. They add an unsaid charm to any text. While you plan on "how would the carousel look", put emphasis on incorporating images.

Make it engaging: Engagement of the carousel depends on the strategy you put behind it and how you present it. The carousel must be creative to such an extent that it generates curiosity amongst the users to check it out.

Branding (fonts, colors, images): Effective use of font, color and images often add the value of attraction 

  1. Font: Bold font usually does the talking. It works with all the font style and enhances the look of the written text. 
  2. Color : It is important to consider color pops in the carousel. Your background, text color and image color must be well coordinated. Usually using combinations of color does the trick but you must be careful that the combination is limited and doesn't seem to be overwhelming.
  3. Images: Use of images in an instagram carousel may not be as easy as it seems to be. Selection of the image must be such that it matches to the written text and portrays the idea behind it. 

Tools: Carousel creating softwares can be an effective tool to create interesting and engaging instagram carousels. Such softwares provides significant assistance in creating extraordinary designs. Here all you need to do is select amongst the pre-designed templates and further personalize them to create your carousels.

Where all can Instagram Carousels be applicable? 

  1. To Promote a New Product.
  2. To Share a Before and After Reveal of a makeup, dress or other products.
  3. To Provide Personalized Recommendations about something.
  4. To Share Brand Stories to enhance the brand value. 
  5. To flaunt the details.
  6. To Showcase Your Customer Reviews
  7. To Encourage Engagement with a Call to Action. 
  8. To Share Event Recaps.
  9. To share user generated content 


How to promote your Instagram carousels?

 Promotion of your Instagram carousels is a tricky yet easy business. You can do it in different ways 

  1. Hashtags : Hashtags are the best option to reach people of similar interest. Use of right hashtags can help gain a good amount of engagement.
  2. Instagram carousel ad or an Instagram story carousel ad : Since time immemorial advertisements have been a great form of product or brand promotion. Instagram allows you to run ads in order to organically reach a wider audience and build a loyal fan base. 

Creative your carousels as per your need and intentions to enhance the Reach, Engagement and visibility of your brand/product while growing your business through social media. 

Happy instagramming

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