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How to prepare for UGC Net 2020 exam without coaching?

Updated on 23 October 2020
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Updated on 23 October 2020

A number of students appear for the exam of UGC NET every year, some prepare themselves with the help of coaching and others without it. There are certain strategies and planning which need to be taken care of if you wish to clear for UGC NET exam by self-study. First requirement for preparation is proper guidance and planning in the right direction to clear the exam in one go.

UGC NET preparation tips without coaching for Paper-1

1.As the exam is conducted online, one must practice paper-1 tests of UGC NET regularly in order to maintain proper speed and accuracy for the exam.

2.The candidates need to work upon the weak sections of paper-1 and learn to prioritize the units based on their performance in mock tests.

3.The candidates need to evaluate their UGC NET preparation for paper-1 with the help of mock tests and sample papers.

4.They need to frame a study plan for each day and try to execute it accordingly.

5.They need to maintain a notebook where they can keep a track of their strengths and areas which need more practice.

6.There is no negative marking in paper-1 so one must aim to attempt all 50 questions. So they should study all topics that are asked in paper-1 of UGC NET and practice a lot of questions.

7.They should devote at least 3-4 hours everyday for the preparation of paper-1. This duration is sufficient to cover all the subsections of this paper and practice questions based on them.

UGC NET preparation tips without coaching for Paper-2

1.Paper 2 is also an MCQ based exam. It is based on the subject selected by the candidate while applying for UGC NET.

2.The course of paper-2 includes the subjects of Graduation and Post-graduation level.

3.The candidate must try to devote 5-6 hours for the preparation of this paper as this course is huge and it carries more weightage in the final score.

4.The candidate should focus more on the core topics of the subject because if they are practiced well, understanding and attempting questions based on other chapters and topics becomes easier.

5.The candidates should make chapter-wise notes, highlighting important points, basic or important formulas which carry more weightage in the exam.

6.One can take help in learning chapters by online tutorials.

7.The candidates should keep track of good reference books to ensure that they can find all study materials in a single place rather than looking up from multiple sources.

8.Revision is very crucial for the preparation of paper-2 of UGC NET. So every student must take out 30-40 minutes at night or start of the day to revise your content.

9.One needs to keep the exams, the subjects, the chapters and notes in perspective.

10.For effective preparation of paper-2 practice of previous year papers is important. It will help to narrow down commonly asked topics for the exam.


How is self-study different from preparation by coaching?

There is a difference between the preparation through self-study and coaching. Coaching helps students study for a dedicated time period. The study/practice material and tips can be got online. So to beat it you need to make sure that you dedicate proper time to your studies and follow strict timelines while studying.

1.Dedicate some hours of the day for the preparation of paper-1 and paper-2 to complete your preparation in a given time.

2. Revise what you studied during the day and practice questions based on it.

3.Set small and achievable targets.


Recap of the UGC NET preparation strategy

1.Give an overview when you start.

2.Note the key ideas which you think are important.

3.Read the topic thoroughly.

4.Recall it once, twice or thrice.

5.Review the topic which will help you in knowing about your own development.

6.Rejuvenate self before you start a new chapter.

One needs to not worry much about the result. One must focus on the journey and know that with dedication and efficiency, motivation and a can-do approach one can come out successful and confident enough to accept any challenge in life.

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