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Why Coding is Important for School Students | New Education Policy

Updated on 21 March 2023
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Updated on 21 March 2023

We are in the 21st century where technology is playing a crucial role in our everyday lives. One such lucrative skills that have become important today is coding. Coding is simply the process of providing instructions that are easily understood by the computer and produce desired results. These instructions are called programming languages. There are various programming languages available that you can learn depending on the outcome you want to achieve. One can also learn coding online with the help of various coding websites available. 

The importance of coding in students life is far crucial as there are various benefits that are associated with it. Coding should be implemented from an early stage as students learn how to tackle real-life problems and come up with feasible solutions. 

The need for coding was witnessed lately and so keeping the various benefits and importance in mind, the education sector included coding as an essential skill in the curriculum. According to the new education policy 2020, the education ministry decided to add coding for students as early as class 6th. 

With this skill, students will be able to create their own apps, games, etc for various platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS. This decision was taken to shape young minds and to encourage creativity and innovation. 

Here we will list several benefits/importance of coding for School Students 

Coding helps in Problem-Solving

Problem-solving skills are very useful in our general life. Coding helps individuals boost their minds by finding a solution to a problem. For Example, while coding if you are stuck somewhere or you need to resolve a bug then you need to come up with a solid solution. For doing this, you need to think and find a solution that works. 

Students will learn these skills from the start which will help them in the future as well. People who possess good problem-solving skills are highly demanded in our surroundings and day-to-day life. 

Coding develops Resilience

The ability to never give up and come up with a solution is what students will learn when they code. It teaches them to be resilient. 

When students code and fail in the first attempt, they will rise up again and start thinking about a possible solution. Eventually in this process, they will learn to deal with their setbacks. 

Coding develops Creativity

Coding encourages creativity and this is why coding is important. Creative individuals are good problem-solvers, thinkers and expressers. By coding students learn to create many softwares, apps, websites, etc. 

They see the practical working of their code which makes them happy and generates more creativity among them. With constant feedback and support, they create many apps, games, websites, etc and work along with creativity.

Coding develops Maths skills

Well, coding is important for academics too! It not only encourages students to be creative or problem-solvers but helps to improve their math skills too. 

By coding students learn to solve the code in multiple ways and come up with a solution. In a similar way, they can solve their math problems in ‘N’ number of ways and provide a solution. 

Coding is a New language

Children should be exposed to new languages early in their life as it gives them an idea about their surrounding and adds more to their knowledge. It will be beneficial for them if they learn this language as they can also get an idea about their career in the long run. 

Coding is good for your Brain

Yes, you heard that correct! Coding improves your mental health and prevents neural deterioration. As exercise is required to keep your body healthy so is coding for the brain.  

Many scientific studies show that cognitive activities keep your brain in a good health for years and decreases brain-related diseases. Programmers tend to have a sharp brain and other skills which we discussed above in this article.  

Coding makes you FutureReady

The importance of coding in students life is much more. Coding can be a gateway for students who aspire to become a programmer. As they have learned coding from an early stage, their demand in the software industry will be huge. Not only software industries but many companies & organizations recruit individuals who possess good coding skills. 

It will give them a clear direction for what to pursue as they have knowledge of it. Along with these, as we saw above, it will encourage students to become problem-solver, great thinkers and resilient. These skills are required in the future in any workforce or even as an individual. 


coding should be a major part of the learning process for all school students. With the ease of technology, students can also learn coding online. As correctly said by Steve Jobs, “Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”. 

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