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Updated on 30 October 2020
Shailesh Sharma
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Updated on 30 October 2020

High Courts are lower to Supreme Court but upper to subordinate courts. High Courts are mentioned in Part VI of Indian Constitution. Article 214 of the Indian Constitution describe that their is a high Court for each state, however 7 the amendment act provides the basis for a common high court for two states.

No union territory except Delhi has its own high court which was setup in 1966.

Constitution has not fixed the tenure for the judge, only maximum age is mentioned. Also it has not mentioned minimum age for appointment.

Article 226 empowers High Court to issue writs.

The oldest High Court in the country is Calcutta High Court which was established on 2/7/1862 . 

Punjab and Haryana High Court was established in 1875

In 2013 three high courts were established in the North Eastern States.

Meghalya high Cort- 23.3/2013

Manipur high Court-25/3/2013

Tripura High Court- 26/3/2013

High court of Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Allahabad, Patna, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir and Madhya Pradesh were established before Independence.

. Rest all High Courts were established after Independence.

Punjab and Haryana have a common high Court.

Guahati High Court had jurisdiction over 4 north eastern states except Sikkim, Meghalya, Manipur and Tripura which have their own High Court. Earlier all these states were under the jurisdiction of Guahati High Court

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