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Why To Learn Digital Marketing?

Updated on 23 February 2021
Digital Marketing
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Updated on 23 February 2021

With the world adapting to the digital age, marketing is one of the aspects that has changed with time. The traditional form of marketing is no longer used by digital marketers with a drastic change in technology. Every business needs a solid marketing strategy to stand out from their competitors and to excel in their field. This is one of the main reasons to learn digital marketing in 2020 and in the coming years as well. 

The demand for digital marketing is huge as establishing an online presence has become a necessity these days. Right from small to large organizations, every company needs to up their marketing game. However, this can only be done with the help of digital marketing.


Let’s first understand what is digital marketing? 

Digital marketing, simply put, is marketing using the internet and various digital mediums like social media, emails, search engines, etc. 

The ads that we come across on websites, social media or the marketing emails that we receive in our inboxes are all major forms of digital marketing. Not only this but when you type a query on google and see different search results on it, this too comprises of digital marketing. 

Why should one learn digital marketing? 

There are many benefits to learning digital marketing, some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Digital marketing has become an essential skill for marketers and if you aspire to become one then this is the perfect career for you. The career opportunities for digital marketers are endless keeping in mind the various openings available across multiple industries. 
  2. If you wish to start your own business then this skill will benefit you as you can handle the various aspects of marketing on your own rather than hiring a person.
  3. The scope and growth of digital marketers are a lot. They earn attractive salary packages in the range of 3-10 lakhs per annum depending on their experience, company, etc. 
  4. If you wish to start a career or looking for a career shift then this skill is extremely easy to learn in lesser time. Unlike any professional degree like engineering or medical, you don’t need to dedicate years to study and then search for jobs.

To learn digital marketing, you can refer to various online courses available and can go for a job.

What are the various digital marketing trends?

With the continuous change in the digital field, there are many aspects that are changing with it. Marketing keeps on evolving and with this digital age, you need to focus on the trends and adapt accordingly. Let’s take a look at the various digital marketing trend in 2021

Artificial intelligence

AI is one of the most effective and advanced technology that one can make use of. It is a technology where machines are programmed to inherit human intelligence. There are many companies adopting this technology as it reduces the human burden and makes the work 10X easier.

In digital marketing, AI can be a lot of help as the whole marketing process can become automated. AI has the ability to understand which content works better and it can even curate useful content for you. An example of this could be the chatbots that you see on various online websites or social media. These chatbots work on AI.

The power of video-based content

Creating video content is one of the most neglected digital marketing trends. People tend to watch more videos rather than reading text-based content. 

Videos help to convey the actual working and benefits of your products and services. Your target audience will find this form of media more interesting, interactive and make them want to learn more about you. 

Using Personalized emails

Emails can be one of the most promising marketing trends. Gone are the days when marketers used to send a generic email hoping to attract customers. 

Now, digital marketers use personalization as an effective marketing technique. Using words like ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or simply addressing the customer by their name helps trigger their reactions and encourages them to click on your product/services. 

Voice Search

Voice search provides a lot of convenience for people who don’t want to type their queries on search engines, apps or any other platforms. You just need to say the word and immediate results are displayed on your devices. Siri and Alexa are a good example of voice search. 

Implementing voice search as a marketing technique can help drive more customers as you are providing ease to them. 

Marketing on Various Platforms

Many marketers make the mistake of marketing their products/services on a single platform. Rather an omnichannel approach will help you establish your presence on all platforms and get in touch with a huge number of customers. 

Do you know the number of people using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis? Well, according to many online reports, the number of Facebook users in India is 26 crores, Twitter is 77.5 lakhs and that on Instagram is 100 million. Shocking right? Now you may want to consider your marketing channels effectively. 

Digital marketing in 2021

2021 is just a few months away and so marketers need to look forward to the pros and cons that this field has to offer. 

Digital marketing in 2021 will open up many new opportunities for marketers to change their marketing techniques. It will be full of challenges and marketers will require to up their marketing game. 

The trends which we just discussed above will take a further step next year. So, marketers are advised to get their hands on these trends from now onwards. It’s better to start late than to never realize it’s importance. In the coming year, the user-experience will be given more priority i.e. everything will become customer-centric. 


Digital marketing offers a lot to an individual in terms of career growth, money, knowledge, etc. All digital marketers or aspiring marketers should pull up their socks and adapt to the latest changes that this field offers. Learning a new skill never goes waste and will only bring more opportunities so one can learn digital marketing and see themselves grow in the future.


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