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How to prepare for Class 10th Boards?

Updated on 01 December 2020
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Updated on 01 December 2020

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board examinations for class 10th, 11th and 12th. 10th boards are necessary as they give you the clue as to what will come in class 12th boards. There are certain occasions like taking admissions in colleges or applying for government jobs, on which these class 10th and 12th marks are necessary. Therefore, you must work hard for getting a good percentage in class 10th and 12th boards.

Now, here rises a question. How to prepare for class 10th? Although, all classes are important but class 10th is more important as it determines the course you choose in senior secondary classes. Moreover, it also gives you a fair view regarding class 12th boards which holds more importance. You can prepare for class 10th by following some simple steps to excel in board exams. 

1. Go through the Syllabus:

This is the first step in preparing for the examinations. You must know and go through the syllabus in order to work on your weak areas and begin from them. Once you are through with the syllabus, you can start preparing for the exams. 

2. Class Lectures:

You must follow your class lessons as they clear the base regarding various topics and chapters. Teachers help in clarifying the fundamentals and doubts of the students. Therefore, class lectures are very important as they are the primary sources of knowledge.  

3. Make a time – table:

Prepare a proper time – table so that the exam syllabus is completed and you have ample time to revise the syllabus. Time – table helps in good preparation for the exams. Making a proper time – table will help students in achieving good marks in the 10th board exams.

4. Solving sample papers:

You must solve various sample papers and mock tests to get a fair view of how the question paper will come. You can also take online quizzes and solve previous years question papers to prepare and practice for the forthcoming exams. Thus, these sample papers will help you in preparing for the 10th board exams. 

5. Reference books:

Apart from the class lectures and NCERT books, you can also take help from the secondary material i.e. reference books. Reference books include a detailed explanation of topics and also consist of several sample papers which help in preparing and excelling in the board examinations.

6. Take a Break:

It is important to have some time intervals between preparations for the exams. You must not study regularly as that might result in nothing fruitful. Your effort would be wasted. So, take short breaks in between so that you can study with full concentration. 

Time –Table is one of the important aspects of preparing for the examination. Below is a suggested study time – table for class 10th that you can follow in order to save time, study and prepare for the board exams.



5:00 A.M

Wake up and finish your daily chores like yoga and workout.

6:30 A.M

As morning is considered to be the best time to do anything. So, you can start preparing for the exam. Focus on the weak subjects and begin the preparation.

9:00 A.M

Have breakfast and take a break. Time – intervals help in refreshing the mind and improve concentration.

9:30 A.M

Do a quick revision of what you studied in the morning.

10:00 A.M

After revision, pick up difficult subjects like maths and science as they require time for preparation.

11:45 A.M


12:00 P.M

Take a break and rest for some-time.

1:00 P.M

Take up the subject that you wish to study. Take lighter subjects like English or Hindi.

3:00 P.M

Have lunch.

7:00 P.M

Recollect and revise whatever you have studied all day so that it remains fresh in your mind.

8:30 P.M

Have your dinner.

9:45 P.M

Revise and write down the formulas and equations that you have memorized. Writing helps in memorizing better.

10:15 – 10:30 P.M

Relax and go to sleep.

You can follow the above-mentioned time – table or you can either make another one for yourself that suits you.

Students are in a dilemma and are seen asking a question i.e. how to prepare for class 10th board exams CBSE 2021? Well, there are certain strategies that you can apply and follow in order to prepare for the board exams. You can follow the above-mentioned preparation tips and strategies for preparation which include making a time – table, better time – management and many more. 

How to make notes for class 10th?

This is a relevant question as students often experience a shortage of notes. You can consider notes as the most important sources in preparing for exams. Without notes, there cannot be proper preparation for the board exams. There are certain ways through which you can make notes. 

1. Primary Sources:

Go through the NCERT books which are primary sources of knowledge. Read and underline the important lines and note them down as bullet points in your notebook. This will help in better revision for the exams. 

2. Secondary Sources:

Reference books are the secondary sources that you can switch to. Reference books have detailed information on all the topics. Therefore, you can read the topics that you are not able to understand and make notes out of them. 

3. Online Notes:

There are several online sites that provide notes to the students on various topics that they find hard to comprehend. These sites provide online notes which help the students in having a better understanding of the chapters and topics. Therefore, you can also take help from these sites if you have missed something. 

4. Online Videos:

If you are not able to understand some topics then you can go to various sites and watch videos that provide a summary of the chapters. Listen to these videos and make notes. Visual representation helps in having a better understanding of the particular topic. 

Now, students often wonder how to top in class 10th? . Well, the answer to this would be simple. Follow the preparation strategies like going through the syllabus, making a time – table, concentrating on the class lectures and many more. If you follow your time schedule religiously, you can excel in the 10th board exams.

You will be able to complete the syllabus on time and will also have the required time for revision as well. Therefore, these preparation strategies are sure shot methods that you can follow to get good marks in class 10th board exams. 

How to prepare for Class 10th Board Exams in one month?

There are certain preparation tips that you can follow to complete your syllabus within one month. These techniques need to be followed regularly in achieving the end result. 

1. Decide your place of study:

First of all, choose a place where you can concentrate fully. You must find a place where there is no disturbance so that you can study for 2 – 3 hours straight. Having such a place will result in better concentration and smooth preparation for the exams.

2. Pictorial Representation :

Since you have to complete the syllabus in one month so, you can make flow charts and graphs which will make learning easier. The pictorial representation will help you in memorizing all the formulas or equations or anything included in your syllabus. 

3. Study Groups:

Make study groups with your friends and discuss the topics that you find hard to understand. Talking and discussing with friends helps in good preparation for the exams. Discuss your doubts and clarify them with the help of such groups. 

4. Take regular breaks:

You must take regular breaks in between so that your concentration powers increase. Do some other activity in breaks or have some sleep in your break time. This will help in better concentration and focus when you will resume your exam preparation. 

5. Plan:

Plan your day every morning when you wake up. List the topics that you need to finish on that particular day. This will help you in completing the syllabus within one month. Plan and follow your routine daily to get better results.   

There are several other preparation techniques that you can follow in order to prepare for class 10th board exams.

Students often ask how to prepare for such exams. You can follow the above-mentioned strategies. But one thing that doesn’t change is the hard work and effort that you apply for such examinations. One cannot study one subject for continuous 4 – 5 hours.

Therefore, the answer to the question- how to top in class 10th board exams is pretty simple. It is also advised to study two subjects at different time intervals so that you are not exhausted with that particular subject. Class 10th is very important so you must study hard and get good marks which will help you in your further studies. 

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