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How to score above 95% in 10th CBSE?

Updated on 01 December 2022
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Updated on 01 December 2022

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board examinations for class 10th and 12th. 10th is generally school board but the 12th board is usually held in different schools. Both boards are important and play a key role in further studies. Both 10th and 12th determine the future college and course of the students. Getting a good percentage in both the classes is very important as it leads the students in getting admission in reputed colleges and further results in good career and job opportunities. 

Students often ask a question i.e. how to score more than 95% in class 10th? Well, there are certain preparation strategies that you can follow in order to score 95% and above in class 10th board exams. 

1. Syllabus: 

Go through the syllabus and list out your weak parts. Once you have done this, you can begin your preparation. Going through the syllabus helps in listing out the important topics that should be taken first into consideration. Therefore, you must first go through the syllabus in order to begin with the preparation for exams. 

2. Time – Table:

Prepare a time – table that suits you. Following the schedule will help you in preparing for the exams more efficiently. You can give a considerable amount of time to some specific subjects that you feel are difficult. 

3. Fundamental Studies:

Before moving on to practice sample papers and mock tests, clear your basics with the help of NCERT books and classroom lectures. This will help in understanding the topic and you will be able to study efficiently. 

4. Question Papers of previous years:

Take print-outs of the question papers for the last 10 years. These question papers will help you in determining the exam pattern and will also result in better time management. You must also practice sample papers and mock tests provided in the reference books to have a fair view of what to expect in the exam. 

5. Take a Break:

It is important to take a break as it results in the refreshment of the mind. You cannot study for 4 hours straight. So, it’s important that you take short breaks in between the preparation of exams. This will result in good concentration and you will be able to focus. 

The above-mentioned techniques will help you in securing 95% and above in 10th boards. You must follow these preparation strategies in order to gain good marks in 10th class.

Here arises another question i.e. how to score 95% in class 10th ICSE board?. There is not much difference between CBSE and ICSE board. But still, the above-mentioned techniques can be undertaken to prepare for the ICSE board exams. Preparation strategies remain the same for excelling in the board exams. Therefore, you can follow these techniques to secure good marks in class 10th ICSE board.   

How to score full marks in Maths in Class 10th?

Mathematics is not an easy subject. It requires time to memorize the formulas and equations. And you can do so by following some study tips. It will help you in securing full marks in maths subject.

  1. Prepare a separate notebook for writing formulas and equations. This will help you in memorizing the formulas at the time of revision. You can also write certain theories and methods.

  1. Read the syllabus and write down the important chapters that you need to study first. Also, list out your weak areas to be focussed on during the time of preparation.

  1. Practice the questions that you feel are important and can come in the exam.

  1. Solve various sample papers and mock tests. Also, focus on previous year’s question papers while preparing for the exam.

  1. Answer the questions in steps. Step format helps in depicting the answers in a more efficient and easy way. Therefore, you must answer the questions in steps.

  1. Wherever necessary, give a pictorial representation like bar graphs or pie charts. Graphs help in an easy and neat depiction of answers. So, you must add facts and figures wherever required.

  1. Rely on self – study i.e. read and go through the NCERT and reference books and make your own notes apart from the ones which are provided in school. This will help you immensely at the time of revision. 

Students sometimes are not able to complete the syllabus on time and are in confusion. They ask questions like how to score 95% in class 10th boards in 10 days or how they can top these exams.

However, there is no way of preparing well for these exams within 10 days. You need to begin a month before for the preparation of such exams. You can follow the above-mentioned preparation strategies to clear class 10th boards with good marks. If you have only 10 days left, then you need to double the efforts and follow the required techniques to gain good marks in exams.  

How to score above 95% in 12th boards CBSE?

Both class 10th and 12th are important. But class 10th helps the student in knowing how the CBSE board papers would be for class 12th. Scoring good marks in both 10th and 12th help the students in gaining admission to reputed institutes for further studies. To score a good percentage in class 12th, you need to follow some preparation strategies that might yield good results. You will be able to score 95% and above by following these study tips.

1. NCERT is the most important book to practice while preparing for the exams. Go through the NCERT books and clear your fundamentals. This will result in a better understanding of the particular topic.

2. Follow up with reference books as they are important secondary material. Prepare and practice from the NCERT books as they will add on to your basics and will help in preparing better for the examination.

3. Write and practice whatever you have studied. Writing helps in memorizing things better. You can write and memorize the formulas, theories, equations and much more.

4. Irrespective of any stream you have chosen in class 12th, studying for 4 – 5 hours is necessary. Make a time – table and follow it religiously. You will be able to complete your syllabus within time.

Students often wonder how to score 98% in 12th boards? So, the answer to this will be the same. These same strategies can also be applied if you wish to secure 98% marks in 12th boards. But one thing you must keep in mind i.e. working hard and giving in efforts as that will yield better results. You must follow these techniques in order to score good results in 10th and 12th class.

Following a routine will help you in achieving good marks. You must also follow class 10th preparation strategies mentioned above. Class 10th boards are very important, so, you must study hard and score good marks. These marks will further help you in gaining admission to top colleges. Therefore, work hard and follow your time – table religiously to achieve better results. We hope this article has helped you to know how to score more than 95% in class 10th. Good luck!

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