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Exam day guidelines for class 10th board exam

Updated on 01 December 2020
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Updated on 01 December 2020

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts boards and entrance examinations. Class 10th board exams are very important. CBSE guidelines for class 10th board exams 2021 has been released on the official site. The exams will be conducted now after the pandemic in 15,000 centers across India. Therefore, certain things have to be kept in mind by the students while appearing for class 10th board exams. These guidelines for writing CBSE board exam helps the students in an efficient and smooth completion of the exams. 

1. If the exam center is located at a different place, then it is advised to visit the exam center one day in advance to check the location. 

2. No candidate will be permitted to enter after the closing time of the exam center gate.

3. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before the end of the examination. 

4. On completion of the exam, wait for the invigilator’s instructions and do not get up from your seat. The candidate will be permitted to leave after the completion of the exam.

5. Download the admit card and other instructions from the official site and adhere to them.

6. No candidate is allowed to enter the examination hall without the admit card, valid ID proof and proper frisking. Frisking will be carried out without touching the body, thereby maintaining the social distance. 

7. Candidates must check their roll number on the admit card and then determine the class in which they have to appear for the exam.

8. Candidates are permitted to carry the following items in the examination hall:

  1. A transparent water bottle
  2. Personal hand sanitizer
  3. Admit card
  4. Stationery including only black / blue pens and a pencil

9. Candidates must follow a dress code. Wear proper uniform and adhere to the rules of the school and board examinations.

10. 2 sheets of paper will be given to the students for rough work. At the end of the examination, the rough sheets must be submitted to the invigilator. In case the above statement is not satisfied, the invigilator has the right to cancel the answer sheet of the student.  

11. All the candidates will be under CCTV surveillance. If any student is caught cheating, his / her answer sheet will be cancelled.

12. Visit the CBSE site constantly in order to know the result of the examinations. If the result is delayed, students will get the information for the same. 

13. CBSE has allowed the calculators for the students with special needs. Students need to show their PwD certificate to get some other allowances like carrying a scribe with themselves and many others. 

The above-mentioned guidelines have to be adhered by the students in order to prevent any problem at the time of the exam.

The CBSE new rules for class 10th 2020 help the students in better preparation and completion of exams. Students must read the instructions carefully to avoid any misunderstanding at the time of the examination. Since board exams are very important, so it is advised to follow the instructions. In any case, if the student has any doubt regarding the instructions, he/she can turn up to the teachers for clarification of their doubts. Therefore, these instructions should be taken seriously by the students and must be followed for smooth and efficient completion of exams. 

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