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Books toppers prefer in class 10 board exams

Updated on 01 December 2020
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Updated on 01 December 2020

Board Exams are very important in the life of a student. These board exams shape the future of students. So, it is important to score good marks in board exams of both classes i.e. 10th and 12th. These board exams are conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Since it is a national board, the marks secured by the students are accepted all over the country for admission to various courses in colleges. Here we will discuss about the various CBSE 10th books for students who are prepping for their exams.

Coming back to the 10th boards, students often look for books that will help them in securing good marks in exams and which provide extra and detailed information about various topics and chapters. Below are the best reference books that toppers study in order to score high marks in the 10th board exams. 

Best reference books for class 10th CBSE 2019 – 20 

1. Mathematics Book- R.D Sharma & R.S Aggarwal

2. English Book- English Communicative By Oswal School Books

3. Science Book (Physics) - Principles of Physics S. Chand Book – N.K Chowdhary, Fundamentals of Physics – Pradeep Publications

4. Science Book (Chemistry) - Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur

5. Science Book (Biology) - Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur

6. Social Science Books- Xam Idea for Social Science – Editorial Board, S. Chand for Social Science – N.K Chowdhary, All in One Social Science CBSE Class 10th – Arihant Publications, Golden Guide for Social Science

7. Hindi Book- Navyug Hindi Vyakran

The above-mentioned books are the best reference books for preparing for the board exams. Some students wonder; what are the best reference books for class 10th CBSE 2020 – 21? Well, these books can also be used for the preparation of CBSE board exams in 2010 – 21. These books are updated with minor changes every year. Therefore, it is advised to buy the latest edition of these books for better and efficient preparation of exams. 

Which book is best for class 10th maths board exam? This question is often asked by the students. The answer to this is stated above in the table. R.D Sharma and R.S Aggarwal are the best reference books along with the NCERT books. Maths exams range from medium to difficult. So, it is advised to prepare well in advance for this exam.

This exam might also be a bit time – consuming, so for efficient preparation it is advised that you write the formulas and equations in a separate notebook. Make your own notes as this might prove to be really helpful for you. Therefore, with the right NCERT and reference books, you can secure a good score in the maths exam.   

NCERT Class 10th Book Set

There are various reference books for class 10th which helps in preparing for the board exams. But NCERT books are the most important books for students. NCERT books serve as the base knowledge for any topic or chapter. These books clear the fundamentals of the students and most of the doubts of the students are cleared from the NCERT books. Below is the book list of the NCERT books that the toppers refer to for an efficient preparation of the exams. 

1. English Books

  1. Footprints without Feet – English Supplementary Reader
  2. First Flight 

2. Hindi Books

  1. Kshitij
  2. Kritika – supplementary book 
  3. Sparsh - (2nd Language Book)
  4. Sanchayan supplementary Hindi (2nd Language Book)

3. Mathematics Book

  1. Mathematics Textbook for Class 10th 

4. Science Book

  1. NCERT Book for class 10th science (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)

5. Social Science Book

  1. NCERT book Class 10th Social Science – Understanding Economic Development 
  2. India and the Contemporary World – II 
  3. Democratic Politics 

The above-mentioned books are the CBSE 10th books that toppers study in order to gain good marks. NCERT is the most important book over all the other books. So, you must study and go through these books repeatedly as they set the base for various concepts. These books clear almost 50 – 60% of the doubts among students. And for the rest of the 40%, you can take help from the reference books as stated above. 

Students refer to various books and practice from various sample papers and mock tests to emerge out as the toppers of the year. There have been many toppers who claim that the above-mentioned books have helped them in securing good marks in the board exams.

Some students often ponder upon the fact; where they can find CBSE Class 10th book list 2019 – 20? Well, the NCERT books are available from the school book store or any other stationery shops or online sites. In addition to this, Reference Books can be bought from any book store. You must buy all the books in order to prepare for the exams in an efficient and smooth manner. 

Toppers undertake various preparation strategies along with these books which help them in securing the top place among various other students. Therefore, for achieving good marks in class 10th boards, students must go through the CBSE 10th books and solve sample papers and mock tests so that they are able to complete the syllabus and have ample time for revision at the time of the exam.

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