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Common mistakes students make in 10th board exams

Updated on 01 December 2020
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Updated on 01 December 2020

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts various entrance and board examinations. These examinations are necessary and every student has to attempt them. However, sometimes students commit some errors which might result in bad consequences. This article focuses on some of the common mistakes that students make in the board exams and what are the consequences of these mistakes. 

Students often attempt the wrong question or write the wrong answer. They often ask questions like how many marks do I get in the CBSE board exam if I attempt the answer but it’s not correct? Here, students are curious to know whether they can score marks for the wrong attempt or not.

Well, the answer to this would be straight i.e. you do not get marks for attempting the wrong answer. There are chances when there is a misprint in the exam paper or the numbers provided are wrong. There is a discrepancy on part of the CBSE board. In such cases, students get marks even if they did not get the right answer. But if the question is correct and the answer given was wrong, then you don’t get any marks for the same. 

Here again, a question arises, what if a student write wrong set number in the CBSE class 10th exam? Firstly, a student must take care of the set number written on the question paper because if you write a wrong set number, it is going to be a tedious task for you. You have to write an application to the Chief Examiner or the CBSE board explaining your mistake.

Since, such mistakes do not happen much, so there are chances that your problem might be solved. But before the clarification, you need to wait till the board announces the results as you would have to apply for the correction paper. If the application is rejected, you will have a back paper and as a result, the results will be shifted to the next year. So, you must make sure that you don’t write the wrong set number as this might have serious repercussions in the end. 

Students commit various mistakes while writing the examinations. For instance, students commit numbering mistake in board paper. Well, this is a common mistake that can be rectified. Marks are provided to the students for attempting the right answer.

In case if any student has written the incorrect question number then there is no need to worry. The examiner while checking manages it. No marks are deducted for wrong numbering. Therefore, just focus on attempting all the questions and try to number correctly. In case the numbering goes wrong, the student does not need to worry.   

Rules for writing Board Exams

Students need to adhere to some rules for writing board exams. These rules are helpful as lesser mistakes are committed by the students who use them. 

These rules are given on the front page of the question paper too. Students need to read these rules and adhere to them.

1. Read the question paper thoroughly to avoid common mistakes like numbering or any other. 

2. A good representation of answers is necessary i.e. you should attempt your exam neatly so that the examiner does not have any problem checking your papers.

3. Attempt all the questions. Even if you feel the answer you are providing is not correct, then also attempt the question. Do not leave a blank space as it might not be good.

4. Do not overwrite on the sheet i.e. do your rough work at the end of the sheet so that the paper you are attempting is clean. Provide a neat and tidy paper to avoid misunderstanding.

5. Cross check before submitting the answer sheet. Double cross - check your answer so that no error is committed on your part. Check the spellings, numbers and other common mistakes. Correct them and then submit your answer sheet. 

Students want to gain more marks. So they ask questions like; does CBSE give more marks than expected? Well, it depends upon the performance of the student. If the student is prepared well then he/she can score good marks in the 10th board exams. There are cases when the exams are very tough and students find it difficult to pass. In such situations, CBSE provides grace marks to the students. But such things rarely happen. CBSE generally, does not provide extra marks.

A student must depend upon his/her hard work and attempt the question paper with positivity. After completing the paper, get an estimate as to how many marks you can score. Sometimes the estimates are right and students score very good marks in the 10th board exams.

Does CBSE cut marks for handwriting? This is a repeatedly asked question. There are no marks for handwriting. Still, the students are advised to attempt the paper neatly as there are cases where the examiner is not able to understand what the student has written. As a result, marks are deducted for not writing properly.

So, a student must write neatly in exams to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. CBSE does not provide any extra marks for good handwriting. But then also a student should attempt the paper tidily.  

Each and every student wants to gain good marks in the 10th board exams. For this, they work hard and try to achieve good marks.

However, sometimes the students ponder upon some questions like how to score good marks in 10th board exams or where to do rough work in board exams?. There are certainly other questions that the students search for. Board exams are very important. Therefore, they require hard work and maximum study hours. In order to achieve good marks, the students must follow various strategies for preparation.

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