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Why are 10th Class Marks Important?

Updated on 01 December 2020
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Updated on 01 December 2020

The Central board of secondary education (CBSE) conducts board examinations for class 10th and 12th. These examinations are conducted either in the school premises or outside. Generally, 10th class examinations are held in school (also known as School Board); question papers being provided by the CBSE. 

Here rises a question i.e. does 10th marks matter in life? Well, the answer to this would be yes. 10th marks do matter in life for 12th board admission, college admission or even applying for a job. 10th class marks and mark-sheets are important in life at various stages.

Therefore, students are often asked to study hard to get good marks in 10th because it plays a major role in getting admission in class 12th CBSE Board. Moreover, if you wish to have a government job at a bank or any other position then class 10th marks will help you. 

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an undergraduate assessment given by the students to gain admission to top colleges. Students are tested for skills in Biology, Physics and chemistry. Sometimes students are in a dilemma regarding the NEET exam. Some feel that the NEET exam can be given after the 10th class. However, it is not so. You cannot give the NEET exam after 10th class.

Another question that arises among students is; do class 10th marks matter in NEET or not? Well, 10th class marks do not matter in the NEET exam. Rather 12th class marks are taken into account while applying for the NEET exam. In some cases, 10th class marks are reduced to the worth of a birth certificate which is required on particular events like applying for some government job or applying for courses in government universities. Therefore, the 10th board marks matter in some way or the other.

Talking about the other course i.e. Commerce.

Commerce is the study of trade and business. Commerce includes subjects like Economics, Business Studies, Accounts, Maths (Optional) and English.

Some students while opting for Medical, Non – Medical and Commerce often find themselves asking questions like does 10th marks matter in commerce or do these marks matter in the future or not? While opting for commerce, students are made to study the above-mentioned subjects.

However, 10th class marks are not included while opting for commerce in the same school. Although, it might be possible that the school authorities might ask for a 10th mark-sheet for applying in the other school. But since the CBSE board releases their result late; a provisional certificate is given to the students so that they can apply in other schools. But overall 10th class marks are not required in commerce. 

Another question that is asked by most of the students i.e. Which is more important, 10th or 12th? This is the most important question which is asked repeatedly by the students. It is not possible to differentiate between the two. But one thing is different i.e. 12th board is necessary for getting admission in top colleges.

On the other hand, class 10th boards give the students the taste of board exams. Students get a fair view of CBSE Board exams. They will know what they should expect while giving exams i.e. the type of questions, the marking scheme and the time duration. Both the classes are important but 12th is more necessary than 10th as future studies of the student depend on 12th class marks. Therefore, both the classes have their own significance. 

Indian Institute of Technology provides admission to the students who have cleared JEE Main and JEE Advanced exam. This institute includes some of the topper and the most capable students who are further recruited in reputed companies with a high salary. But to gain admission in IIT students have some questions regarding the exam and the marks of 10th and 12th.

Does 10th marks matter in IIT?

Students often ask this question. So, the answer goes like this; 10th class marks do not matter for getting admission in IIT. 10th class marks have nothing to do with IIT. But yes, 12th class marks are required for admission in IIT. If you have cleared the examination with 50% marks in Physics, Maths and Chemistry, then you are eligible to appear in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exam. Therefore, 10th class marks are not required for getting admission in IIT.

Does 10th marks matter in UPSC?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India’s central agency which conducts various civil services examinations for recruitment in posts like IAS, IPS, IRS, IRPS and many more. If you wish to apply for these posts, you need to prepare for the UPSC exam.

Class 10th marks do not matter while applying for UPSC examinations. For that matter, neither 12th nor graduation marks are required for applying in UPSC exams. Anyone can apply for this examination to gain government jobs. Therefore, students do not need to worry if they get less marks in 10th or 12th. If they wish to do government jobs they can apply for civil services examinations. 

Both the classes 10th and 12th are important as they play key roles in certain situations.

However, while applying for admissions in colleges or government institutions these marks do not matter. Do 10th marks matter in life? Yes, they do. In some cases, the marks are important while in other cases it’s not. Students must anyhow work hard and gain good marks in both the classes to gain admissions in the courses they wish to. Therefore, both the 10th and 12th class have their own significance in different situations.  

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