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Preparation Tips & Strategies to crack SSC CPO Paper – 2

Updated on 03 December 2020
SSC Preparation Strategies & S
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Updated on 03 December 2020

The SSC CPO stands for the Staff Selection Commission Central Police Organization. This exam is conducted for the post of a Sub – Inspector in Delhi Police, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF’s) and Assistant Sub – Inspector (ASI) in CISF. Candidates who wish to do government jobs apply for SSC CPO Exam. It is a competitive exam and the amount of applicants that appear for the examination is huge. To crack the exam one needs to know the exam pattern, the structure and the syllabus for the same. 

SSC CPO Paper – 2 consists of English Comprehension part. This paper is conducted after the Physical Education Exam.

The Exam pattern for SSC CPO is as follows:

  1. The time duration of the exam is 120 minutes (2 Hours).
  2. The total number of questions will be 200.
  3. The exam is of 200 marks.
  4. English Comprehension and Grammar is assessed in this paper.

SSC CPO Paper – 2 English Comprehension Syllabus

1. Reading Comprehension

2. Grammar

3. Vocabulary

4. Verbal Ability

5. Synonyms – Antonyms

6. Active – Passive Voice

7. Para Jumbles

8. Fill in the Blanks

9. Error – Omissions

General Preparation Tips for SSC CPO Paper – 2 

  1. Study three to four hours regularly.
  2. Memorize all the grammar parts.
  3. Revise the topics regularly.
  4. Practice the parts which are time-consuming. (E.g. Jumble Sentences, Sentence Structure etc.

Preparation Strategies for SSC CPO Paper – 2 

1. Error – Omissions : 

  1. One needs to be well versed in basic grammar rules.
  2. It includes parts of speech, tenses, subject – verb agreement etc.
  3. Solve mock papers and sample papers.

2. Word/Phrase Replacement :

  1. In this section, you need to replace a word in a sentence with the options provided.
  2. In case there is no replacement, you can choose the ‘No Improvement’ option.
  3. You need to have a good command over the vocabulary.
  4. (This section is comparatively easier than the other sections).

3. Fill in the Blanks :

  1. In the examination, a blank space is provided to the candidate and the candidate needs to fill it up with a correct option.
  2. Again, here also you need to have a good command over vocabulary and grammar.
  3. You can solve mock papers and sample tests for the same.

4. Synonym – Antonym :

  1. Memorize the lists for synonyms and antonyms.
  2. This is the highest scoring part in paper – 2 as no rules of grammar are applied here.

5. Active – Passive Voice :

  1. This is one of the most important point to crack SSC CPO Paper 2 .
  2. You need to have a good command over tenses and grammar.
  3. Since this portion might be tricky, candidates are advised to practice the sample papers well in advance before the exam takes place.

6. Idioms & Phrases :

  1. You need to memorize the meaning so that it becomes easier to remember the phrase.
  2. Practice the context in which a phrase or an idiom can be used.

SSC CPO Paper – 2 Difficulty Level  

The SSC CPO Paper – 2 is ranged between easy to moderate levels. This section is the highest scoring section.

According to the above-mentioned pie chart, from 2017-2019 the difficulty level is from easy to moderate.

SSC CPO Paper – 2 English Comprehension Books

Candidates can refer to the following books for cracking the English Comprehension part:

  1. A Mirror of Common Errors by Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh.
  2. English for General Competitions: from Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh.
  3. English for General Competitions by Neetu Singh.

Therefore, SSC CPO Paper – 2 is not difficult to crack in the first attempt. One just needs to have a good command over English language, Vocabulary and the Grammar Parts (Tenses, Sentence Formation, Jumbled Sentences, Error – Omissions etc) followed by the preparation tips for SSC CPO Paper 2.

English Comprehension section is easier than the logical and mathematical sections. Therefore, this is the easiest and the highest scoring section. You just need good practice and be well versed in English. For more details regarding SSC CPO exam dates and admission procedures you can log on to Good luck to all the aspirants!

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