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Advantages of BSc Honours over BSc

Updated on 29 December 2020
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Updated on 29 December 2020

We know that you are a science buff and want to turn your passion into a full-fledged career. A degree in science such as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) will give you a great start. BSc is a three-year undergraduate degree that is offered in different subjects of science. 

But, as there are several BSc Hons subjects available, a student gets confused. We assure you that if you know a little bit about the different subjects that can be taken in BSc Hons, you will be able to make the right career choice.

 Firstly, you should understand that in a BSc (Honours) degree you can study only one subject in detail, whereas in BSc (General), you can study various subjects equally. 

Let’s look at some of the differences regarding the subjects in BSc Hons and BSc General

  1. The Honours degree provides a strong base in a particular subject of science, whereas, BSc (General) helps to build foundational knowledge of different subjects to pursue a science-based career. 

  1. The syllabus of Honours is more comprehensive and it develops advanced theoretical and research skills whereas a General degree gives an overview of different subjects.


  1. A student needs to prepare a dissertation* in the major subject to obtain the Honours degree, whereas, in BSc (General), there is no such requirement.

(*Dissertation is a research project or assignment that is completed during an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree). 

Subjects you can opt in a BSc Honours

There are a dozen subjects that you can opt for under the banner of BSc Honours. Following are some Core subjects that this degree has to offer- 

  1. BSc Agriculture/Forestry etc.
  2. BSc Biology/Microbiology/Zoology/Botany etc.
  3. BSc Chemistry/Biochemistry etc.
  4. BSc Computer Science/Information Technology etc.
  5. BSc Environmental Sciences/Earth Sciences/Geology etc.
  6. BSc Mathematics/Statistics etc.
  7. BSc Nursing
  8. BSc Physics

BSc Honours in Physics as a career option

If you’ve often wondered how the natural forces like gravity and electromagnetism work, or how the world-altering nuclear interactions occur, or if you simply want to study the Physics of stars then you must pursue BSc Honours in Physics.

After studying the natural and fundamental laws of science deeply, a BSc Honours in Physics can open a wide range of opportunities for you in Industry, Telecommunications, Research, Teaching and Computing. And if you wish to pursue further studies then you can look into the subfields of Physics such as Astrophysics, Biophysics, Acoustical Physics, Fluid Physics, Astronomy, etc.  

In India, the public and private sector have arms open for Physics students, you can easily find a job in institutes of eminence like ISRO, DRDO, SSPL, and VSSC. Other than that, the analytical skills you gain will be highly valued in fetching a variety of these non-scientific jobs such as in Accounting, Commerce and Finance.  

BSc Honours degree in Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the central sciences which studies the basic elements of the things around us. You can pursue a BSc Honours Chemistry after having studied 10+2. You will study everything about the matter at atomic and molecular levels to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Through this degree, students learn to actively work on problems that occur in the field, during their class, tutorials and inside laboratories. You will be studying courses, generally including Foundations of Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry in Practice, Mechanics, and Introductory Electromagnetism.

Pursuing BSc Honours Chemistry can prove to be a decisive step in your career as it will develop your valuable professional skills, and a great ability to pursue independent scientific research. So, if you’ve visualized yourself in those transparent oversize glasses, wearing a white coat inside that tube-filled laboratory, now is the time to turn that vision into a reality.

BSc Nursing and BSc (Hons) Nursing: two separate things?

You don’t need to get confused, as there is no difference between BSc Nursing and BSc (Hons Nursing). Both imply the same degree. BSc Nursing is a four-year professional degree course that can be pursued after having completed 10+2 in the Science stream.

Through this degree, you can directly make a difference in lives by helping patients of all ages who have a variety of health issues and conditions. You will become the heart of the healthcare system with your role as a nurse in hospitals and communities.

Pursuing your bachelor's will help you develop critical, analytical and reflective skills that will further allow you to provide top-notch & evidence-based care to the individuals at risk. A professional degree such as this would ensure to turn you into a skilled, committed, competent, and compassionate nurse.

After the successful completion of BSc Honours, you can register yourself and provide valuable services to NHS, in community nursing, and in any other private, voluntary or independent sectors such as Hospices. 

Another lucrative degree: BSc Agriculture (Hons) 

Do you know that about 58% of India’s population is dependent upon agriculture as a primary source of livelihood?

 If you’re underestimating the potential of this sector then we’d say that you’ve probably precisely miscalculated it all, and you seriously need to pursue a career in it to see the huge job, research and business opportunities open for you. For starters, you just need a BSc (Honours) in Agriculture. Please do not get confused, there is no difference between B.Sc Agriculture and B.Sc Agriculture (Hons) as both are the same undergraduate degree in Agriculture subject. 

The courses you’ll pursue in BSc Honours would largely be industry-driven, all will be related to the agricultural stream, to provide theoretical and practical applications in various agricultural related activities. This degree would provide you with the expertise to have the “know-how” of farming, crop cultivation, food manufacturing, and quality analysis of different soils. 

This sector can never run out of opportunities in agriculture-based economies like India. After having a BSc (Honours) in Agriculture, you’ll have ample job offers in public and private sectors like ICAR, Agricultural banks, insurance companies, etc. You will be working as Agronomist, Food Scientist, Bioinformatics scientist, Agricultural Economist, Soil Analyst, Crop Consultant, Breeding Manager, etc after making your back strong with this degree.

As an agrarian economy, India surely needs highly motivated, technology and research-oriented individuals to boost its growth.

So, here we discussed some of the BSc Hons subjects that are generally chosen by students. It should leave no confusion that all of these subjects help the students to build an advanced and professional career in various fields. Whichever subject you choose in BSc Honours, it is clear that it will provide you with considerable subject matter expertise and a fruitful career ahead.  

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