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B.Tech vs B.Sc: Which one is better?

Updated on 21 January 2021
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Updated on 21 January 2021

There can be no denial of the fact that every year, more Indian students go for the science and technology field than any other. The reason being that science courses give large and stable employment opportunities. The growth prospects are immense in the science field, owing to the massive technology-driven world of the 21st century. 

Perhaps, a bachelor’s degree in science is the first step students take to enter into this field. So, students get confused among courses, as they battle with the BE vs BTech option. Or they try to consider the better option between BTech Engineering and BSc Engineering. Sometimes they are in dilemma as to which will take the more cut in salary paychecks whether BTech or BSc. 

To decide the winner of this battle, students need to know certain things, which is what we will try to put across in this blog.

BSc vs BTech: what is the difference?

The most basic difference between the BSc and BTech is that a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) course focuses on the technical and more practical aspects of things around us, whereas a Bachelor of Science (BSc) is a pure science degree, which implies that it is more theoretical in approach.

Another obvious difference is that a BTech degree can be completed in 4-years while a BSc degree can be completed in 3 years.

BTech degree aims to develop the aptitude to find solutions to practical problems, whereas the BSc courses develop research aptitude in sciences.

So, these were some of the basic differences between both. Now let us move on to clearing out the confusion among two other courses.

BE vs BTech: Similarities and Differences

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and Bachelor of Technology (BTech) are engineering degrees, both of which are offered for 4 years.

The BE degree is different from the BTech degree in the sense that it is the study of the theoretical concepts and principles of Science. A BTech degree focuses on solving practical problems by taking up the theoretical framework of Engineering as its base.

In other words, we can say that in BE degree students gain the theoretical knowledge which can be used in the innovations in technology, while a BTech degree enhances the skills and aptitude of students which helps them to develop new technologies.

Most simply, BE is Theory while BTech is a Practical.    

Talking of similarities, we already know that both of these are Engineering degrees and in both the courses, chances of Industrial visits and internships are provided to the students. Both, BE and BTech have the same curriculum and both are equally valued by most employers.

BTech Engineering vs BSc Engineering? Which one?

Though BE has quite a few similarities with BTech but is not the only alternative. BSc Engineering is also a good alternative to BE and BTech.

Some universities abroad offer BSc in Engineering subjects for 4 years. Hence students get confused if there’s something such as BSc Engineering. 

The fact is that the BSc degree is offered in Engineering subjects like Computer Science, Electronics, Nautical Engineering, etc. In India, this degree can be completed in 3 years. 

Therefore, some people compare BTech Engineering vs BSc Engineering which is the wrong name to call these degrees with; these are not the standard name of any degrees. 

So, if you are in India, you can also do BSc in some engineering subjects, but cannot call it BSc Engineering, it is still a science degree. Similarly, BTech Engineering is not a proper word, the word BTech alone stands for an Engineering degree.

Should I do BSc or BTech in Computer Science?

Well if you want to learn the basic concepts of Computer Science on which you want to build strong foundations in this field, then BSc in Computer Science is a good option. The perk is that apart from gaining the fundamental knowledge, you cut an extra year and become a graduate in just 3 years. 

Whereas if you are interested in learning the concepts of Hardware, Software and the applications of the computer systems. Or if you wish to have specialized and in-depth knowledge of Computer Science or again, if you love Coding, then BTech in Computer Science would be a more viable option. You have to dedicate one extra year to acquire the expertise of your field.

So, it depends on an individual student what to opt for. One should choose the subjects according to one’s priorities and interests.

The BTech degree is more specialized and gives in-depth knowledge, so if a student has done this, then in the race of BTech vs BSc salary, BTech is bound to win. A BTech graduate is expected to earn more than a BSc graduate. 

Though if a BSc graduate has completed his/her degree from a top college and got good grades consistently, then she/he is bound to get a more handsome paycheck than say, an average student, with not so good grades, studying in an ordinary college.

Like in any degree, merit counts for sure.



To conclude, when choosing from BSc vs BTech, or BE vs BTech, a student should keep in mind the differences and then select the course accordingly. A student must always be mindful of his/her priorities and expectations to make the right choice. 

And if for any reason you have made a seemingly wrong choice, do not worry, just keep up your grades high and try to gain good expertise in your field, you’ll have a bright future for sure.



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