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Professional career options after BSC Course

Updated on 29 December 2020
Bsc Courses
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Updated on 29 December 2020

Innovations and studies in Sciences make us know things which we didn’t know a century ago. If you wish to continue this legacy, then pursuing a BSc Course would be a good choice. There are a variety of subjects that can be studied in a BSc degree, and each has its own advantages. Not only these subjects make us understand the different laws and principles of different fields, but also prepare us for having a great career in the future.

Let us look at the future prospects, and what can be done afterwards studying different subjects in BSc.

Career in Zoology

A great career in Zoology can be started after completing a BSc degree. Zoology is related to animal biology. It comprises of subjects like Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Animal Biodiversity, Environment Management, etc.

 So, a student can pursue different Master’s courses after BSc Zoology, such as in Food Science Technology, toxicology, biotechnology, etc.

If you generate more interest in the Zoology subject, then you can study it further by doing Master’s courses such as- MSc in Zoology, MSc in Ecology, or MSc in Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics/ Biochemistry/ Genetics.

Career after BSc Maths

Trignometry, Calculus, and Numbers are difficult to grasp sometimes, but they prepare a student to have a paying career. A career after BSc Maths can be rewarding as it can open up opportunities in Business Management, Data Analysis, Banking, Accounting, etc.

After BSc maths, students usually do MSc in Maths. But there are other good options available after BSc Maths.

BSc graduates can easily get into the economics field by getting a Master’s degree in Economics, or they can prepare for more coveted Indian Economics Services (IES).

Since BSC maths graduates are well-versed in mathematical analysis, they can apply this skill to testing, evaluating, creating or analyzing computer software and applications. Hence pursuing an MCA degree after BSc Maths may be desirable.

If a student possesses leadership and management skills, then going for an MBA (Master of Business Administration) would be preferable. After MBA, a student can establish himself/herself successfully in the corporate sector.

Career after BSc Physics

BSc students get confused about whether they should pursue further studies in the field or acquire a job.

Well, there are plenty of options available to them. A career after BSc physics can open a gateway to numerous fields such as Research Analyst, Lab assistant, etc. On the other hand, they can also go for MSc in Physics or an MSc Ph.D. dual degree in Physics.

If someone opts for an MSc degree, then the graduates get more options to get into prestigious jobs. They can go into the private or public sector, depending upon their choice. In the public sector, they can find jobs in ISRO, DRDO, VSSC, SSPL, and other research centers.

To get into MSc and Ph.D. degree, BSc graduates can attempt IIT JAM, JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test), OUAT (Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology), TIFR GS (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research), etc.


High salary jobs after BSc chemistry

After pursuing BSc Chemistry, there are numerous options available in the private sector. 

Usually, Chemistry graduates go into the following sectors-

·    Educational Institutes

·    Chemical Laboratories

·    Clinical Laboratories 

·    Pharmaceutical Companies

·    Cosmetics and Perfume Industry

·    Health Care Industry

These sectors offer some well-paying jobs according to the different Job Titles. Average salaries (per annum) offered for these job roles is given below-

Operations Manager- 801K

Human Resource Manager- 866K

Area Sales Manager- 603K

Quality Manager- 722K

Marketing Manager- 616K

General Operations Manager- 1,106K


Salary offered to BSc IT graduates

BSc IT students can get into diverse areas such as Defence Services, Health Care Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Atomic Energy Commission, Power Electronics & Communication, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, IT Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Mobile Communication, Post and Telegraph Department, etc.

They fulfill various roles in these sectors. As freshers, the BSC IT jobs salary is respectably paid.

Average salaries offered to BSC IT graduates for some job roles is given below-

o Software developer- 232K

o Senior Software Engineer- 566K

o Network Engineer- 267K

o Software Engineer- 309K

o Business Analyst- 460K

o Project Manager, IT- 460K


So it does not matter whether you study BSc Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Zoology or IT, all the subjects equally open great career opportunities. The prestige or money totally depends on one’s subject knowledge and interest one takes in the field.

The BCA course also has its own advantages, but If you are a person dedicated enough towards any of the above Science subjects, a BSc degree may take you places which you have only dreamt of.

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