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Confused between BCA and BSc?

Updated on 29 December 2020
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Updated on 29 December 2020

BCA stands for Bachelor in Computer Application. It is a degree course that spans for 3-years. Students who are interested in programming and languages can pursue this course. It gives a perfect start to enter the world of Information technology.

BCA is at the same standards as a BTech or a BSc degree in Computer Science.

Whereas BSc is also an undergraduate degree which is pursued for 3 years. It is a foundational course for Science subjects.


The BCA syllabus comprises the fundamentals of computers, programming, and information technology. A student gets to study subjects like web technology, computer architecture, operating systems, software engineering, and programming languages like C, C++, HTML, Java, etc.


BCA vs BSC IT salary comparison

BCA graduates usually get INR 15,000/- per month but this remuneration increases drastically as a candidate’s experience increases. So for freshers, it ranges basically from 12k to 20k (monthly).


Following is the Salary according to Job roles (monthly)

  1. Software Developer Trainee- INR 17333
  2. Trainee Programmer- INR 17833
  3. E-commerce Executive- INR 21000
  4. Technical Support- INR 22200
  5. Server Monitoring- INR 18500
  6. Networking Trainee- INR 16500
  7. System Administrator- INR 20500
  8. Server Administrator- INR 21560
  9. Software Engineer Trainee- INR 19500
  10. Bank Operations- INR 22250


Whereas, the graduates who possess a BSc IT degree, their salary package depends on the designation of the job they are in. BSc IT salary (per annum) is approximately INR 3.5 L - INR 10 L.


The average salary paid according to the job roles is as follows-

  1. Lead Software Engineer- Rs. 911,500
  2. Software Developer- Rs.180,000
  3. Software Engineer- Rs. 258,000


Differences between B.C.A and BSc IT degrees


It should be clear that both BCA and BSc IT are professional degrees with wide career opportunities. However, there are some fundamental differences between both.


In the BCA course, graduates get knowledge of various programming languages, they are also trained in finance, accounting and operation management. Whereas BSC IT students focus on having the fundamental knowledge in core subjects of computer, like operating systems, database applications, data structure, control systems etc.


BCA students are quick to get into jobs as their course prepares them for problem-solving in the IT field. Whereas BSc students opt for higher education (MSc IT or PhD). It is due to the fact that their course studies the foundations of computing which may not be immediately applicable to the technologies in the workforce.


BCA or BSC: which one is better?

Both of these courses have their own merits. Both of the degrees undoubtedly offer fast-progressing and well- paying jobs.


If you are interested in computer applications and software, BCA would give you all the required platform to fulfill your career aspirations. But on the other hand, if you are deeply passionate about the core subjects of computer- both the software and hardware, then you should pursue a BSC IT degree.


It is believed that BCA graduates are more preferable among the IT recruiters as they can help in immediate tasks like problem solving and management. BSc graduates, however, are deeply ingrained in the core areas therefore they are suitable to oversee larger and more basic computer problems.


If a student wants to get into the corporate sector immediately after graduation, then he/she should get into the BCA course. Whereas, if someone wants to make a far-reaching career in academia and research then getting a BSc IT degree is a must.


So, there’s no fundamental merit or demerit in any of these courses, both BSc and BCA degrees open up great career opportunities in the field of computer and IT. Hence it totally depends on the person as to what he/she expects to get after the graduation degree. Students must focus on their interests, aims and bigger career plans when choosing between BCA vs BSc IT

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