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How to complete 12th arts syllabus on time?

Updated on 07 January 2021
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Updated on 07 January 2021

There is no denying the fact that the 12th class is the most important class in everyone’s life but a stressful period too for every student due to the constant pressure and anxiety of board exams. No matter from which stream you belong to there is a constant fear of completing the syllabus on time. But due to the vast syllabus of arts which includes subjects like history, political science, and geography all of them having at least 2 books per subject makes the syllabus completion part tough.

In this article, we will help you with certain preparation tips that will help you to complete the class 12 arts syllabus 2020 without any hassle.

 However, to do well in exams it is important to cover the syllabus on time and for this, you need a subject-wise proper study plan.

1. Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

With the addition and deletion of chapters, there is a change in CBSE syllabus for class 12 2020 almost every year thus before starting the syllabus go through the latest syllabus thoroughly. You can get the latest syllabus from the official website of CBSE i.e.

You can also analyze the latest marking schemes which can help you to cover the high-scoring topics first.

2. Make a Study Plan

Proper time table or study plan is an integral part of completing any syllabus as it keeps you organized throughout and gives you proper directions. However, it is advised to give equal weightage to every topic. You should make your study plan in a way so that you give more time to tough topics and less time to moderate to easy topics.

A study plan can help you complete your lengthy arts syllabus on time. Along with that don't make a study plan that is too strict to follow to avoid fatigue. For that include proper breaks in your study plan for effective learning.

3. Study Material for All Subjects

Always remember that choosing the right books for your class 12 arts syllabus 2020 is a must because without that your preparation would be incomplete. For this make sure that you have all the required books and study material with you. Arts subjects are diverse so you should refer to multiple books for the same purpose.

However, it is recommended to not ignore NCERT books at all as most of the syllabus is covered by them only. After completing the NCERT books you can refer to other study materials like the reference books for each subject.

4. Subject-Wise Strategy to Complete Class 12 Arts Syllabus 2020

To complete the vast arts syllabus on time it is important to make a subject-wise strategy. For this, we advise you to cover lengthy subjects first like macro-economics, contemporary world politics, themes in Indian history part 1 and 2. Accordingly, you can make a strategy for language and other subjects too. We are providing you the list of chapters that are having the highest weightage.

1. Economics- National Income and related aggregate, Current Challenges facing Indian Economy, Determination of Income & Employment. 

2. Political Science- Cold War Era, The End of Bipolarity, Era of One-Party Dominance, Challenges of Nation Building, Regional Aspirations.

3. History- The Story of first cities- Harappan Archaeology, History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa, Representations of 1857, The Making of Constitution, Agrarian relations- The Ain-i Akbari.

4. Geography- People, Human Activities, Resources and Development, Resources & Development and Process of Data and Thematic Mapping

4. Note Making

Self-made notes are not only the simplified version of concepts but a better way to remember things. According to a study, humans remember the things they write thus it is important to make notes while studying. Note-making helps you to complete your syllabus quickly. Also, these notes are handy and can also be used at the last minute for revision. It is advised to make short notes for subjects like history along with important dates to remember so that you can revise them again & again.

These notes will help students to memorize their class 12th arts syllabus 2020 21 efficiently.

5. Solve Previous Year Question Paper

To analyze your preparation, solving the previous year's papers is a must. It helps you to know the pattern much better and prepares you for the exam mentally and helps you to track your current status. Thus it is advised to solve at least 10 question papers of previous years especially for the subjects like economics you should solve previous year question papers.

6. Save Time for Revision

The human brain does not store the information for a long time especially when there are so many historical dates on your syllabus to learn. Thus it is important to spare some time for revision after completion of the syllabus. It is advised to start your syllabus early and make your study plan in a way that you get time to revise.


Regular studies with a proper break are the key to complete the class 12th arts syllabus 2020 21 on time. By providing you these tips we have tried to give you the directional approach on how to complete your 12th arts syllabus on time. We hope that all the tips prove helpful to you and help you to pass your exam with flying colors. Good luck to all the class 12th aspirants.

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