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Impact and Effect of Culture on Socialization

Updated on 07 January 2022
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Updated on 07 January 2022

Culture is a way of thinking, learning, and believing. It is the way to perceive the world around us and affects everything a man does in his life. Culture is an acquired behavior that keeps on changing hence it is a dynamic process. It makes each group distinct from each other and ultimately affects how people socialize with each other. 

Socialization is a process by which a person learns to behave in society. By this process, the individual became a part of the particular culture. The impact and effect of culture on socialization is diverse which will be covered in the other part of the article.

Here we have come up with this article to help students effectively write their culture and socialization essay as this is the most important essay topic for their exams. So, without further delay let's dive in.

Impact and Effect of Culture on Socialization

Man is a social animal because they cannot survive a single day without interacting and even his daily needs won’t be fulfilled without being socialized. However other than that there are various reasons why socialization is important. Few of them are-

1. It helps individuals to perform their social roles.

2. It makes the fusion of culture possible.

3. Transform individuals from their biological self to their social self.

4. Key part of individual development.

Unlike another process of learning, socialization doesn't limit itself to childhood but it is an ongoing process that remains connected to the individual throughout his life. This is divided into 2 phases of socialization where-

Primary Phase- This occurs when a child is born and learns the beliefs, values, attitudes, language, and actions of a particular culture which he learns from his immediate friends and family which will affect his later phase.

Secondary Phase- In this phase he/she learns the appropriate behavior as a member of a larger society and smaller groups which are influenced by the school, workplace, etc and the process goes on throughout his/her lifestyle.

Every culture has different norms and values however the process of socialization remains the same as everyone learns what is good and what is bad in a society equally. However, there is no denying the fact that culture and socialization impact human behavior throughout his life. The reason behind how does culture and socialization influence human behavior is that they will stick to the values and ethics he/she learned during his later stage and will not be comfortable to accept the values of other cultures.

Other than that other types of socialization affect the individual as a whole.

Anticipatory Socialization- In this, an individual anticipates or rehearses his actions for future occupations, positions, and relations.

Resocialization- This is the phase when an individual disregards his former values and culture and accepts a new one as a part of the transition in his life. The reason might be the much negative and less positive impact of his own culture.


This was the whole impact of culture on socialization that one needs to know.


Although cultures are made by humans and are subject to change still it greatly affects socialization. Since each culture is trying to be superior and pass its values to the other generations, accordingly it will influence their behavior. The reason behind this is some cultures promote individualism however some will inhibit values to live in a group thus impact and effect of culture on socialization is strong and cannot be ignored. Students can also refer to culture and socialization notes to understand the concept better.


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