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Is NCERT enough for Class 12th Arts Students?

Updated on 07 January 2021
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Updated on 07 January 2021

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national board that conducts board examinations for class 10th and 12th. Both the boards are important and play a key role in further studies. Both the classes determine the future college and the course of the students. 

Getting a good percentage in class 12th is very important as it helps the students in getting admission in reputed colleges and further results in a good career. Applying in the right course can help the students in having good career opportunities. Therefore, scoring a good percentage is very important. 

Students often ask a question i.e. how to score 80 percent in class 12th board exam? Well, there are certain preparation strategies that you can follow in order to score a good percentage in the 12th standard.

1. Syllabus: 

Go through the syllabus and list out your weak parts. Once you have done this, you can begin your preparation. Going through the syllabus will help you in listing out the important topics that should be taken first into consideration. Therefore, you must first go through the syllabus in order to begin with the preparation for exams. 

2. Fundamental Studies:

Before moving on to practicing sample papers and mock tests, clear your basics with the help of NCERT books and classroom lectures. Consider NCERT as the bible to prepare for the exams. Once you are through with NCERT, you can move to the reference books. But that might not be necessary. You can just practice from these reference books. Only NCERT can help you in scoring good marks in the board exams.

3. Time–Table:

Prepare a time – table that you are comfortable with. Following the proper schedule will help you in preparing for the exams more efficiently. You can give a considerable amount of time to some specific subjects that you feel are difficult. 

4. Take a Break:

It is important to take a break as it results in the refreshment of the mind. You cannot study for 4 hours straight. So, it’s important that you take short breaks in between the preparation of exams. This will result in good concentration and you will be able to focus. 

5. Sample Papers & Mock Tests:

Take print-outs of the question papers for the last few years. These question papers will help you in determining the exam pattern and will also result in better time management. You must also practice sample papers and mock tests provided in the reference books to have a fair view of what to expect in the exam. 

These are some of the tips that will help the students in achieving good marks. Well, it is not that easy or difficult to score good marks in class 12th. With the right amount of preparation and the correct set of books, you can achieve 90 percent and above marks. 

NCERT is an important book for primary and secondary classes. This book helps in preparing for the exams. If a student has any doubt, NCERT is one book which they can refer to as it clears the fundamentals and basic concepts of the students. The core concepts are explained in an easy and efficient manner in these books.

CBSE does not ask any questions beyond NCERT. So, students must consider it as a bible i.e. all the solutions are available in this particular book. You can expect 80% of the questions from the NCERT books only. The official site of NCERT is Here you can find the solutions to all the problems, previous year’s question papers and sample papers. 

How to score good marks in class 12th? It’s a typical question. Students must follow the preparation strategies in order to score good marks in the exams. Since NCERT is the most important book so they can just go through the book.

Well, students often ponder over a question i.e. how to prepare for class 12th? Well, the preparation strategies mentioned in this article are the ones that you can undertake to score good marks. Along with this, students must take help from the NCERT books as they are the primary study materials from which almost the majority of the questions are asked in the examination.

NCERT will be enough for your preparation however if you feel like you are missing out on something or want to be more thorough with the concepts then we suggest you take help from other reference books as well.

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