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Advertising: An Effective Promotional Tool for Marketing

Updated on 19 January 2022
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Updated on 19 January 2022

In the modern world of cut-throat competition, advertisement plays an important role to boost business. Advertising is a form of mass communication, a technique to grab buyers’ attention. Advertising is the most effective way for creating awareness about the new products among consumers. It can be done through various Mediums such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, cinema, posters, etc. It is the best way to reach out to maximum people quickly and at a low cost.

Today many marketers use advertising as a tool of marketing to market their products, services, business, etc effectively and to make it reach the potential audience.

It is important to know that Free and Capitalist economies have raised the demand for advertisement due to the rise in competition among potential sellers. The advertisement has proved to be the best means for the buyer as well as the seller. Because it allows the seller to introduce their product to consumers and in the same way help consumers to differentiate the cost and quality among two options.

Example- Market has a plethora of options for 'Soaps' brands however advertising makes it possible for the seller to introduce to people how their Soap quality is best and in the same way it gives consumers an idea to differentiate the soap from the other options available. To advertise, marketers use various promotional tools to fulfill their end result.


 Advertising as a promotional tool

Promotion is the key to run any business and Advertisement is the major promotional tool as it conveys the planned message to a consumer. It makes the consumer aware of new products and services. Without promoting their brand no business can make their status or monopoly in the market.

The major advantage of advertising is that it contacts the majority of people simultaneously. Even small businesses can make their position in the market by introducing their brand to consumers.

Gone are the times when advertising is done only through newspapers, magazines, and radio. Nowadays sellers are relying more on social media or mobile advertising because consumers spend a relatively good amount of time searching for a particular product before making a choice. Thus advertisement becomes the best way to promote a particular brand.


Advertising as a Tool of Marketing

Nowadays, consumers have become relatively more aware than before and spend a good time on research before buying any product or service. This makes it important for sellers to introduce their products and services in a way that should be better than others. Here, advertisement proves to be the best tool for marketing as it allows every seller to advertise their products through visual as well as written representation in the best way possible by using different channels of advertising.

Promotional items of marketing are divided into 2 major forms- tangible and intangible. Tangible methods of marketing include items like brochures, business cards, etc. They are most popularly known as traditional methods of marketing. However, marketing through social media and websites is known as an intangible form of marketing.

However, there is no denying the fact that with the increase in active users on the Internet, social media marketing is spreading its roots and has become the most popular form of marketing. Social media is the best way to improve brand recognition and to increase sales due to the fact that it can reach thousands of targeted consumers at one go. Along with that, it gives a way to interact and engage with your customers directly and on a daily basis. 

Although nowadays the focus of consumers, as well as the seller, has shifted to digital marketing, even intangible forms are important to grow a business. Since there are the majority of people who do not have access to social media and the internet. Thus, both of these forms are the major tool of marketing which are helping businesses to grow in one way or the other.


In this way, consumers and marketers use advertising as a tool for marketing.


No matter if you are a startup or have a brand monopoly in the market, advertisement is the key to promote products and services to the consumers. You can make use of various promotional tools and effectively advertise to your customer. For quite a long time advertisement has proved to be the most effective promotional tool for marketing as from door-to-door marketing to digital marketing advertisement has evolved and proved to be beneficial in various aspects.






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