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Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Shopping

Updated on 19 January 2021
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Updated on 19 January 2021

The internet is a global communication medium that is frequently being used as an innovative tool for the marketing of goods and services. The reason behind this shift is that the internet offers many advantages over traditional channels of marketing.

Online shopping simplifies the process of shopping for both sellers and consumers. The online shopping process only involves placing an order while relaxing on your couch and allows you to keep a track of the package until it gets delivered. In this article, we will discuss about measuring the effectiveness of online shopping in India

Online shopping has simplified the process for the manufacturers as well as there is no middle cost included in the product. They can sell directly through online channels which makes the product comparatively cheaper, hence increasing their sales. It also allows manufacturers to raise the quality of the product since they get direct reviews from the customers. 

On the other hand with the increase in competition, sellers have also raised the quality of their products which proved to be beneficial for buyers as they get good quality products.


Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Online Shopping Convenience

When compared to the conventional mode of shopping, Online shopping has proved to be bliss for the consumers. After all, it is more focused on consumer convenience than the seller. Thus, there are numerous reasons which state how online shopping is more effective than conventional shopping. Here we will be measuring consumer perceptions of online shopping convenience to know the concept better.

1. Convenience- Convenience is the biggest advantage, as online shopping allows people to shop from wherever and whenever they want. They don't have to stand in long queues waiting for their chance to enter the shopping complex. Online shopping allows them to shop 24/7 that too with one click. They can replace the products conveniently without facing any hassle of going out.

2. More Variety- Online shopping makes it possible to get several products from different brands and sellers all in one place which was not possible earlier. Online shopping also allows consumers to buy the product from international brands too. It has increased the possibility of choices which allows the consumer to shop with more variety.

3. Feedbacks- Unlike Conventional modes of shopping, online shopping has paved the way to go through other consumers' feedback before buying any product or service. Feedbacks help them to differentiate between the two products and make a decision accordingly.

4. Better Prices- Online shopping allows you to buy the product directly from the manufacturer. There is no middle cost involved in it, which helps you in grabbing good products with cheap deals and better prices.

5. No crowd- Major disadvantage of the conventional mode of shopping is the large crowd to deal with. Online shopping allows the consumer to avoid the nuisance of being in-crowd and gives them a chance to buy the product from their peaceful quiet room.

6. Price Comparison- Researching the different products and comparing them is much easier in online shopping. E-commerce sites have the option to compare the products with one click which was not possible earlier.

7. Easy Replacement- Online shopping not only allows the consumer to place the orders easily but also gives them the advantage of replacing them too with a full money-back guarantee.


The advent and popularity of the internet worldwide have made it possible for E-commerce sites to spread their roots. With that, it increases the trend of online shopping as well because It has made the buying and selling process more quick and comfortable than before. There are many advantages of online shopping that gives mutual benefits to both consumers as well as the retailers.

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