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Why did you choose Software Testing as a career?

Updated on 18 January 2021
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Updated on 18 January 2021

“Why did you choose Software Testing as a career” is one of the most common questions in the interview process. So get ready with an answer which impresses the interviewer. Jot down some points that relate to your own strengths and experience related to this and get ready with the answer. Don’t memorize and answer in the interview.

Here, we usually receive messages from our readers which is mentioned below:

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  3. How can I achieve more growth in software testing careers?
  4. Which job position is better for software testing or software development?
  5. Should I start as a Software tester and later we can switch the profile?
  6. Is a software testing career a good choice?
  7. Is a Software Tester’s Job Really a Low-profile Job?

Software Testing as a career – why I chose it?

The simple answer is that I would love to be a Software Tester. Because I would like to mention a few more points on why I love to be a Software tester and chose Software Testing as a career.

I like solving logical puzzles. Testing is a kind of solving a logical puzzle. Testers are the protectors at the gateway. We not only find the bugs. We break the system too in terms of stress testing.

I feel better while helping others. I proudly say that as a Software Tester, I do help in releasing a quality product to the market. I can help in finding bugs that are hidden in the software. Even though Developers do their best to release a good product, there will be some mistakes.

Note: I would like to answers your questions, please feel free to write to us:

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