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Importance of Outdoor Games in a kid's life

Updated on 22 January 2021
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Updated on 22 January 2021

Outdoor Activities are the activities or the games which the kids play in natural settings i.e. outside in the sunlight with a proper play area and with other kids of their age. Outdoor activities give a fair understanding to the students regarding the physical and environmental areas of education. Students experience personal growth and develop skills like empathy, compassion, sympathy which helps them in the long run. Students also inculcate the skill of social awareness which thereby helps in personal development. 

Let's get started further to know the Importance of outdoor activities in a kid's life.

Importance of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor games are very important as it is very difficult to take care of their health nowadays. With the help of these outdoor activities, the stamina increases which results in good health. Some of the important key points regarding outdoor activities are:  

1. Teamwork:

Outdoor games help the kids in inculcating the teamwork skill which is very necessary. Kids learn to cooperate in order to achieve the result. Kids develop skills like listening ability, healthy competition and much more. This helps in boosting the self – confidence and development of a positive approach towards other people and games.

2. Physical Exercise:

A lot of physical exercises are done by the kids who play outdoors. The sweat release helps in fighting various diseases which can attack the kids due to rough weather, cold, cough etc. physical exercises like Aerobics, Skating, Cycling etc, can help in boosting up the stamina. Further, the kids can take part in competitions like the painting competition, skating competition and others which will help them in the near future.

3. Stress Release:

Outdoor Activities can help in releasing the stress that kids develop due to studies. The pressure or burden built up by the studies can be reduced by playing various outdoor activities. With a reduced burden, the sleep is increased which is helpful for the kids. Thus, playing outdoors will help in releasing the stress which will result in better mental and physical health.

These are some of the key points which represent the importance of outdoor play in a kid’s life. Outdoor activities are very important as kids from a very small age develop various skills which will help them in the future. Thus, students must play some outdoor games in order to enjoy the health benefits. 

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Many kids play outdoor games but not many people know the health benefits that these outdoor games have to offer. Doing vigorous exercises gives immense health benefits. Apart from the above – mentioned points, there are some more benefits of outdoor play. Some of the benefits are listed below. 

  1. Some kids suffer from myopia or nearsightedness. Playing outdoor games will help them in getting rid of myopia. 

  1. Playing in the sunlight results in mental growth and other health benefits.

  1. Students develop skills like climbing, jumping, racing which will further help them in the near future if they take part in outdoor competitions.

  1. Physical Education subject helps in giving a fair understanding of various concepts of physical forces.

  1. The stress level decreases which results in a better sleep cycle. This results in improved focus and concentration.

  1. Students develop a bond with nature which helps them in learning social skills and environmental awareness. 

These are some of the important points regarding the benefits of outdoor play. These activities help in developing various skills that might be helpful in the long run. Thus, outdoor activities help in inculcating various habits and skills among children.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Games

Outdoor activities provide a lot of health benefits. But some people do believe that there are some disadvantages of outdoor activities too. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages associated with outdoor games.

1. Weather Conditions:

Some kids go out and play despite the harsh weather conditions. There might be rain, hail or snow in some areas due to which the kids can catch cold or flu. In the worst cases, if the flu is not treated, it can turn into pneumonia. Thus, be sure about the weather and then go out and play.

2. Exposure to Dusty Environment:

While playing outside, kids are often exposed to dust and dirt which can cause bacterial infections in the body. Kids can develop some allergic conditions after touching any contaminated surface. Therefore, kids need to be careful while playing outside.

3. Lack of Safety:

There is no safety while playing outside. The indoor games have mats and toys and various other things. On the other hand, outdoor games are not that much equipped. There is no safety structure in the playgrounds. Due to the lack of safety, students are prone to bruises and cuts. In the worst cases, there might be some serious injuries as well. Thus, one has to take care while playing in the garden or a playground.

These are some of the disadvantages of outdoor activities. Kids need to be fully aware while playing so that they do not get sick while playing. Thus, it is important to take care of yourself while playing outdoors. 

Benefits of Indoor Games

Indoor games are the recreation activities that the kids play within the house or school. Games like Ludo, Carom and others can be played within. Indoor games provide many health benefits. Some of the benefits of indoor games are listed below.      

  1. Playing indoor games is a good way of spending time with family. It gives a chance to socialize within the family thereby knowing each other better than before.


  1. Indoor games help in reducing stress levels and results in having a positive approach towards life.

  1. Kids develop cognitive skills while playing indoor games which results in better memory and concentration. 

  1. People get rid of diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

  1. Indoor games help in developing a positive approach towards life. This in turn helps in overcoming the failures and losses that people experience. 

  1. Indoor activities help in developing creative skills among children. Indoor activities like painting, sketching, dancing, etc can help children in the near future. 

These are some of the benefits of indoor sports. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have a balance between indoor and outdoor activities as both are helpful in their own way.

There are benefits of outdoor activities as well as indoor activities. Kids should play both indoor and outdoor games. In terms of learning, the physical education subject helps the students in knowing about the concepts of physical forces and other games. Students can learn new things and develop new perspectives about teamwork, leadership and other skills. Thus, both indoor and outdoor games have their own importance and kids must play these games in order to develop social awareness and skills. 

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