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Best online learning app for class 7 CBSE Students

Updated on 28 January 2022
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Updated on 28 January 2022

As you know that classes 6th – 10th are very important in the sense that students can start preparing for various entrance exams at this stage. If you begin from an early stage, you will be able to clear various engineering and medical entrance exams. To prepare for these exams, you require a correct set of books and classes. If you have the right set of books, you can excel in the exams.

Another source from where you can gain quality knowledge and notes is the online portals. There are several Best educational apps for CBSE students that have been introduced so that they can study anywhere and prepare for their exams. These online apps provide notes and lectures which the students can study at any point in time. Some learning apps are free while some take registration charges.

These apps have parental control as well. Students can prepare for a number of exams like AIEEE, AIPMT, JEE – Mains & Advances and many more. These are some of the features of the best learning apps for Class 7th.

One such online learning app is Study 24x7. Study 24x7 is a free learning app for Class 7th. This learning app is basically from classes 5th and ranges up to 12th, followed by helping the students in preparing for UG and PG entrances, Government Exams and much more. This app primarily focuses on the benefit and learning of the students.

Firstly, this app is free i.e. students have to register and log in to this site. Once the ID has been made, students can follow certain pages according to their interests. These pages will provide them with daily updates by posting several articles, MCQs and questions that the students have to answer. 

In this way, students will be able to learn new things and solve questions on a daily basis which will increase their knowledge. Another feature of this app is that there are several other pages that provide full-fledged video lessons to the students. Along with this, flowcharts, last year’s question papers, mock tests and sample papers; all are available here.

Now, let us look at some of the characteristics of the best educational apps for CBSE Students. Amidst this pandemic, online apps have been quite helpful in teaching the students. These apps have provided the students with some brainstorming ideas which will help them in enhancing their knowledge. Let’s look at some key features of these apps.  

1. Visual Representation:

These learning apps include video tutorials that help the students in clarifying their doubts in a better and easy way. Students can get access to these lectures whenever they like. You can also pause and take screenshots of important images or flowcharts in a video lesson. These lectures are quite handy and students might feel at ease by studying from these video lectures.

2. Interaction:

One thing that these online platforms focus on is the interaction. Teachers teaching on these platforms try to make the content more engaging so that they can have an interactive session with the students. They teach in an interesting way including various facts so that the students can understand difficult concepts at once.

3. Live Classes:

Some teachers also take live classes so that the students can ask questions in between and clear their doubts then and there. Students can also talk with their teachers during the live stream and ask their queries. These live classes are one of the important features of online classes. 

4. Offline Mode:

Another characteristic of the learning app is that it is in offline mode. Students can gain access to notes and video lessons whenever they like. Various links are provided by the teachers from where you can download certain modules and test papers too. This helps in course up-gradation and also increases the interests of the students in a lecture.

5. Personalization:

You can have a personalized experience while operating these learning apps. These apps provide various mock tests, sample papers, feedbacks etc which can engage the students thereby increasing their interests and enhancing their knowledge. You can also customize your app by selecting the lessons you want and so on. The customized apps will give you a better experience than any other offline classes. 

Study 24x7 is one of the best learning apps for students in India. All the above–mentioned features are associated with this learning platform. Students will be satisfied by the quality of education and lessons provided by the instructors. It is advisable to look for learning platforms like these so that you can learn in a better way and understand various concepts thereby, increasing and enhancing your knowledge.    

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