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Chemistry Exhibition Project ideas for class 7

Updated on 28 January 2022
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Updated on 28 January 2022

Chemistry is a broad field of science including substances, matter, actions, reactions, properties of ions, anions and much more. It is considered a difficult subject including practical applications and projects. There are some best chemistry projects which are made by the students that can be represented at the inter-school or inter–state level. Working on these projects, students inculcate various skills like teamwork, leadership skills and much more. 

In the chemistry exhibition, students can explain these projects to the teachers and their peers. While explaining the projects, various concepts are cleared that might be difficult to understand in the classroom lectures. Below is the list of some chemistry projects that students make to represent them at the exhibition.

List of Chemistry Projects

Students must inculcate the habit of making scientific projects and models. This will increase their interest in the science subject and will also enhance their knowledge. 

1. Chemical Reaction Projects:

  1. Milk Painting
  2. Citrus Battery
  3. Density Lava Lamp
  4. Plastic Milk, Curd & Whey Experiment
  5. Colour Mixing
  6. Chemistry Clock
  7. Blow Balloons with Yeast and Sugar

2. Acid & Bases Projects:

  1. Baking Soda & Vinegar Volcano
  2. Lemon Volcano
  3. The Colourful Cabbage Juice Science Experiment
  4. Acid-Base experiment with Cabbage
  5. Dancing Rice
  6. Green Eggs & Ham
  7. Bubbly Citric Acid Brew
  8. Baking Soda v/s Baking Powder Science Experiment
  9. Exploding Bags
  10. Rainbow Rubber Eggs
  11. Surprise Eggs
  12. Rainbow Wizard’s Brew

3. Carbon Reaction Projects:

  1. Smoking Fingers
  2. Fire Snake
  3. Silver Egg
  4. Invisible Ink

4. Colloid Projects:

Colloids are the mixtures in which the substances are not chemically bonded. They are stable and inseparable. The examples include butter, mayonnaise etc.  

  1. Oobleck 
  2. Make Butter Project
  3. Gelatin Streaking

5. Soluble Projects:

Solubles / Solutions are the mixtures where one substance is completely dissolved in the other substance. The solvent is the substance that undertakes the dissolving process.  

  1. Ice Sculptures
  2. Ice Cream in a Bag
  3. Skittles Science
  4. Magical Water Blossoms
  5. Diffusion Art
  6. Paint Solubility
  7. Bleeding Blossoms

6. Polymer Projects:

  1. Best Basic Slime
  2. Heat Sensitive Slime
  3. DIY Bouncy Balls
  4. Magic Plastic Bag Experiment
  5. Instant Terrariums
  6. How to make paper
  7. Dry Erase Drawing
  8. Recycled Plastic Flowers

7. Crystal Projects:

Crystals are materials that are formed by the repetition of molecules. There are four types of molecules i.e. covalent molecules, molecular molecules, metallic molecules and ionic molecules.

  1. Classic Borax Crystals
  2. Overnight Crystal Garden
  3. Egg Geodes
  4. Crystal Wind Catchers
  5. Crystal Landscapes
  6. Candy Geodes 
  7. Salt Crystals

These are some of the innovative chemistry projects that students will love to make. You can also consider them as chemistry science fair projects for 10th grade. Rather these projects can be made by students of any class. Students can learn from these projects, thereby clearing several doubts.  

College Chemistry Projects

In college or university, projects are a part of the curriculum. Students opting for medical or non–medical are evaluated on the basis of the models and projects they make. These projects, if selected, are showcased in various science or chemistry exhibitions organized by the college. Below is the list of some of the chemistry projects for college students.

  1. A comparison of solubility of carbon dioxide in water at various temperatures
  2. A penny’s worth of Hydrogen
  3. A study of saponification reactions
  4. Activities of Metals
  5. Catalytic Decomposition
  6. Adulterants in Foods
  7. Amount of Acetic Acid in Vinegar
  8. Analysis of Honey
  9. Analysis of Fertilizers
  10. Analysis of water for Mercury using Light
  11. Constituents of Alloy
  12. Determination of caffeine in tea and coffee
  13. Diffusion of Solids in Liquids
  14. Electrolysis of Potassium Iodide
  15. Foaming Capacity of Soaps
  16. Hydrogen Production
  17. Magnesium Research
  18. Measuring Solubility
  19. Preparation of Potash Alum
  20. The Chemistry of Copper Plating    

These are some of the university level projects that students can make and represent their department in various college competitions and exhibitions. Science projects play an important part in a student’s life. Every project is unique and accounts for some basic concepts and some difficult concepts. 

Projects are a one–time activity through which you can gain immense knowledge. The above–mentioned projects in this article are some of the best winning science fair projects for class 7th. These projects can help you in knowing the various concepts of chemistry that will help you in the long run. Thus, it is good to make models and projects as you learn from their mechanisms and applications.      

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