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Best Daily Study Timetable for class 9 students

Updated on 05 February 2022
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Updated on 05 February 2022

Student life is not only tough but is full of distractions such as from attending school and coaching to preparing for half-yearly exams and to spare time for fun. Every student has to go through this tough routine every day. These everyday tasks cause a lot of distraction in one way or the other and make it difficult to manage their routine. However, to score well in class 9th it is important to manage the routine because the study habits of successful students show how important managing your entire day is. However, managing the entire day is not possible without preparing a time table. 

Time- table is a kind of schedule that sets out time for each specific event. This helps you to not miss out on any event of your life may it be studying for a weekly exam to practicing your favorite sport. Time-table makes lives super easy by giving a directional approach towards your goals.

Concentration is a vital factor whether you are studying or practicing any sport, without full concentration you can never achieve your goals. When you draft a timetable and break your entire day into different slots concentration for every activity increases.


Daily Time Table for Class 9th Students

Students of class 9th usually wonder how other students manage to score so well in class 9th. Despite the fact that it is considered as one of the toughest classes as students get introduced to subjects like physics, chemistry for the very first time. The level of mathematics also increases with the chapters like polynomials, linear equations, quadrilaterals, etc., This leads to the very common question- How to become a topper in class 9th? The answer to this is very succinct- A time table.

However, preparing a timetable is again the toughest thing to do as this will make or break your results. In response to all the stress students face to prepare a time table, we are providing the tips to prepare the Best time table for class 9 CBSE students.

Step 1- Wake up around 6 and start your morning time with physical activities or some meditation to relax your mind.

Step 2- Due to lockdown you must be having your online classes, so Attend 6 hours of Online class, do not skip your online classes as it is important to clear your concepts.

Step 3- After 2 hours of break start your self-study session. Start with studying chemistry and physics for 2 hours each day. Physics and Chemistry are new subjects for you so this will take a little longer time for you to understand the concepts.

Step 4- This session will be too long for you thus it is important to take a long break and reward yourself with some fun activities. Include at least 1 hour for outdoor games to relax your mind.

Step 5- After a 1-hour joy session, start studying any language subject for 1 hour each day as your mind is still in that zone and is not ready to go through tough concepts like mathematics.

Step 6- After Dinner study math for at least 2 hours a day because when you step into 9th class, concepts of mathematics will appear completely different to you as compared to junior classes.

In this way, you will be studying for 11 hours and taking rest for 2 hours and playing for 1 hour. 11 hours a day including school hours is more than enough for any class 9th student to score well.

Time Table for (Weekends)

There is no online class on weekends thus it is advised to prepare a special timetable for weekends. Divide your free 6 hours among all the subjects equally along with that cover subjects like English, Hindi, Computer, Sanskrit on weekends.

We have given you a gist of how to prepare the time table by following these short steps. However, we will also suggest you cover those topics first that possess the highest weightage in your syllabus. Do not skip any subject. Always revise the previous topics before starting the new topic.



Now you know that Scoring well in class 9th is not tough at all. You just need to inculcate good habits and good study habits for students including planning your days according to a timetable. The pro-tip of the time table is not to take stress at all and take regular breaks while studying. By following all these habits you will surely get a good grade in class 9th.

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