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The Power of Discipline in a student's life

Updated on 05 February 2022
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Updated on 05 February 2022

Discipline is one of the most important things that we learn from schools. It teaches us to be in control and to value rules and regulations to lead a successful life. We should know that Discipline and success go hand in hand; to be successful, you should learn how to be disciplined. For a student, it is very crucial to follow the discipline to complete their task in a fixed time. Especially when you get into class 9th, it becomes more hectic and difficult because the study level gets higher and new subjects are introduced.

Students have to manage, learn and finish their tasks in the given period, which becomes tough but, if a student maintains discipline by being focused and by managing their time, they can overcome any obstacle in front of them. 

You must have heard many power of discipline quotes like “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”- Jim Rohn or “What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not do”- Aristotle and last but not the least “Discipline is wisdom and vice versa”- M Scott Peck. These quotes are motivating enough to accept them in our lives to make lives smoother. 

Class 9th students should be more focused and start to follow a disciplined life to get the desired grade. One should maintain a daily discipline checklist of things to follow so that they will be able to manage their time and finish their piece of work daily on time.

Importance of Discipline and its Positive Effects on Studies

It is important to understand the power of discipline if you want to achieve goals in life. Discipline has various positive effects on the life of every student which we have mentioned below-

Managing Your Time

It is tough to complete the assigned task when one does not have discipline. If you complete the work in the given period, you will always get extra time to do other activities or additional learning. The extra time that you get can affect your studies in many positive ways, and it also keeps your mind fresh, which helps you to learn many new things. 

Especially when you are in class 9th, you go through many changes in your school life, and you need to manage your time more effectively so that you can get extra time to study and understand the new subjects thoroughly.

If you do not complete the tasks in the given time, then it becomes hard to finish it because it gets piled up every day, and you do not get to do it afterward due to limited time.

So, discipline is indeed necessary, and to start implementing discipline, one should know how to manage and distribute time accordingly.

Focus on Being Focused

One should have a goal to focus on. If you do not have an aim, you cannot be focused, and to be focused, you need to have discipline. Discipline is a must in every aspect of life. 

A student should concentrate on their goals and how to achieve them, and that can be accomplished only if you have focus. There should be no distraction in between you and your goals, and to attain that, one needs discipline because these are the things that discipline teaches us. To have control over yourself and to be focused in life.

In class 9th, students learn new mathematical problems, and they go through subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology, they need to focus more because all these things are new and tough to learn. They should set a goal on a daily basis of studying the subjects thoroughly.

Staying Active Throughout the Day

Discipline is not only about studying all day and only focusing on education. The principle of disciplined life includes staying active. By active, the meaning is to keep yourself healthy by taking part in various co-curricular activities in school because you get many opportunities to refresh your mind from all the studies of class 9th. It helps to keep your mind fresh, and you can concentrate easier.

One should do exercise and meditation every day to keep oneself healthy and motivated towards life. It also includes the habits you perform every day like waking up and sleeping on time, having good food, and interacting with your family and friends. All these things will help you understand the power of discipline, which one should follow.

Academic Performance Becomes Better

Discipline in life is vital for sure, but it is the key to make your academic performance much better. Having control over yourself, paying attention to your studies, and managing your time well is a part of a disciplined life. All these things make you a better person and a student. 

 More focus and discipline are needed to achieve higher grades in class 9th because your studies level gets higher. 

It is necessary to score well in 9th because the concepts will further help in your class 10th. So, discipline is the key to have a better academic performance.


Discipline is the key element to everybody's life, including students, as it is the base to start implementing discipline. It really helps you to get through school easier. In every class, you face some new difficulties, but with rules and regulations, you can make that difficult part easier. For class 9th students also, when they get into the class, it gets hard to do everything at once, but by forming a daily discipline checklist, you will learn to do studies more efficiently. Discipline is a common thing but is considered as the most important to achieve your goals.

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