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Top 10 Famous Indian Superstitions

Updated on 05 February 2021
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Updated on 05 February 2021

Indian history is almost 5000 years old with various languages and diverse cultures, but it also includes lots of superstitions. Superstitions and science go hand-in-hand in India. From lemon superstition to cutting nails after sunset, it just never stops. Belief in superstitions is not a new concept but it has been there for quite a long time now. Every family has at least one person who still believes in superstitions believing that bad luck will happen. 

 Well, here are the top 10 famous Indian superstitions that people still believe: -

Most Popular Superstition that Indians Believe:

1. Lemon and Chilies the Most Common Superstition

Most of the houses or shops in India hang one lemon and seven chilies. You want to know why? Well, there is a simple explanation given by Indians that it protects you against evil spirits. Nobody knows how this superstition started, but someone surely started this for some other reason, and people started believing it. Lemon Superstition in India has been prevalent for quite a long time where we usually see people talking about not crossing the lemon lying on the roads as you will be attacked by ghosts.

2. Sweeping After Sunset is Bad Luck

Do not sweep after sunset or, something unfortunate will happen to you soon. It is also the most common superstition in India. You will hear that every mother in the household reminds you not to sweep after sunset but there is no logic behind that. Some people in India sweep after sunset also, and there is no harm in that.

3. One Rupee Coin While Gifting Cash

It is something that everybody is familiar with, and almost everyone adds a one-rupee coin while giving cash to someone. It is the most common practice at weddings, birthdays, or any other special occasion. Even if you see the envelopes are given to the bride and groom during the wedding, also have a one-rupee coin fixed in front. So yes, people still follow this superstition, and people consider it auspicious to give a one-rupee coin with the total amount.

4. Don’t Eat Sweet Before Leaving the House

Almost Every mother and your relatives believe that leaving the house after eating something sweet is bad luck and something wrong will happen to you. Even if you ate something sweet, then you have to eat salt before going out; this is what Indians believe. There probably is no logic behind that, but people still trust this.

5. Twitching of Eye

Twitching of the eye is considered both bad and good luck. The majority of people believe in this superstition. If a female’s left eye is twitching then it is considered as good luck but the same is considered bad luck for men. Similarly, If the right eye of a man is twitching, then it is good luck but the same is bad luck for a female.

6. Black Cat Superstition in India

Don’t let a black cat cross your pathway because it is a bad omen according to several people. This superstition originated by Egyptians who believe that black cats are evil and they will bring bad luck in your life. According to Indian, if a black cat crosses your path, let someone else cross before you, and people actually do that. Black cat superstition in India is the most famous superstition among people

7. Kala Tika on Baby’s Forehead

The majority of Indians still believe this, and you will encounter many babies in India who have Kala Tika on their forehead, on foot, or behind ears. It is widely believed that kala tika protects you from the evil eye. Well, nothing really happens, but this superstition is not going to end anytime soon. Many people believe this and think it really affects children.

8. Keeping Your Footwear Upside Down 

According to this superstition, if you keep your Footwear like slippers upside down, your families will have conflicts. It is also believed that it will bring bad luck to your home.

9. Stay Away from Peepal Tree at Night

The peepal tree is considered notorious in Indian society. Ancestors believed that ghosts reside in the Peepal tree, and it is dangerous to go near it at night because it might cost you your life. For this reason people have also made fake scary stories of how other people lost their lives when they sit in the shadow of a peepal tree.

10. Cutting Nails in Evening or Night is Bad Luck

It is one of the most common superstitions you will listen to in India. Cutting nails after sunset and cutting your nails on Thursdays and Saturdays brings bad luck, according to Indians. It is said that if you cut your nails after sunset or on Thursdays and Saturdays, then planet Saturn (Shani) will bring misfortune to your life.


Superstitions are something which is not developed in later part of life but it is being taught to the child from an early age. This is why it makes it difficult for them to accept that these superstitions are baseless and have no scientific value. Due to superstitions, humans are at war with humans as there are many recent cases of superstitions prevalent in India. But even if you are believing in such superstitions, advice will be to keep control of yourself and do not believe them blindly. Apply your logic to the things and then accept that kind of norm.

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