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Things to Keep in Mind for Pursuing IIT Exam after Class 9th

Updated on 05 February 2021
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Updated on 05 February 2021

Candidates who want to pursue computer engineering usually start their preparation early as they have to crack the toughest competitive exams like JEE to get enrolled in these courses. The 9th class is considered as the best time to start their preparation because at this time students get introduced to the basics of subjects like Physics and Chemistry. These subjects form the foundation of their JEE preparation. 

Students often wonder how to prepare for IIT from class 9 without coaching and various other related questions. However, before moving forward let us first know about the IIT exam and things to keep in mind while approaching this exam.

JEE or joint entrance examinations are conducted for admission in the world's famous IIT's. JEE is conducted in two phases that is JEE mains and advanced, students need to clear both the exams to get enrolled in IIT. So, qualifying for these two exams is a tough task as lakhs of candidates appear for the exam every year and only half of them get the chance to qualify for both the exams.

This exam needs a lot of dedication and hard work thus you need to stay determined till you achieve your goal. Due to the toughness and vastness of the syllabus, you may sometimes feel like quitting your dream but quitting is never a solution. You just need to keep a few things in mind to get success.

Things to Keep in Mind for Pursuing IIT exam

Strong Mindset- This is the phase when every student starts to choose a career path for themselves. After choosing a career path for you it is important to have a strong mindset. This exam needs a lot of effort and dedication thus it is important to have a strong mindset to clear the exam.

Start Your Preparation Early- Time is the most precious thing you have right now, this time will never come back when you have a little burden from school and have ample time to study. You will regret once this time has gone as from class 10th life will be tougher due to the burden of boards.

Thus, it is advised to not wait for the year to end to start preparing for IIT. Start your preparation as soon as you get admitted to class 9th. Start preparing the IIT foundation syllabus for class 9 along with your school studies.

Be Consistent With your Studies- Do not skip your study schedule even during your summer or winter break as this will add leisure to you and you will ultimately end up forgetting the topics which you have covered. Try to cover as much as the syllabus you can cover during class 9th.

Identify your Strength and Weakness- It is important to identify your strength and weakness from the starting so that you can give more time to the weak subjects throughout your journey.

Clear your Basics- It is during class 9th only when you get a chance to clear your basics as many topics in the JEE exam come directly from the subjects like physics and chemistry.


How to Prepare for IIT from Class 9th without Coaching?

Usually, candidates who start their preparation from class 11th or 12th need IIT coaching due to the vastness of the syllabus. As you are starting from class 9th, you have ample time to self-study and crack the exam without joining coaching. But preparing for entrance without coaching is not an easy task as you will not be getting a directional approach as provided by coaching. To help you with your preparation for IIT without coaching we are proving you some points to remember or strategy to crack JEE without coaching.

Syllabus Analysis- First step to start your preparation without any coaching is to go through the IIT foundation syllabus for class 9 thoroughly. Usually, coaching provides a syllabus to students however you have to find the syllabus on your own. You don't need to worry at all as you can find the syllabus easily from the internet as well as from exam guides.

Make a Time Table- Consider your home as coaching and now draft a time table accordingly. Follow the routine you would be following if you have joined the coaching. Usually, IIT coaching follows a strict time table of 6 to 7 hours with a little break in between. You are preparing from home so you can include longer breaks but draft a timetable in a way so that you give appropriate time to each subject.

Prepare your Notes- Coaching will provide you all the notes which will be required for JEE preparation however preparing from self- notes is even more useful than following notes made by others. Always prepare your notes while studying any concept this will help you till the time you appear for the JEE exam. Keep the IIT jee sample papers for class 9 handy and solve them from time to time.

Test your Preparation- Coaching classes usually conduct weekly, half-yearly or annual exams to test the preparation of students. In the same way, conduct your test with the time limit on a weekly or monthly basis. In this way, you will get to know which subjects need more attention.

Online Crash Courses- Nowadays, you can find many crash courses online which help you throughout your preparation- as from finding notes to apply for test series, online courses can be your best companion in your IIT journey. Find the best IIT foundation course for class 9 and start your preparation with the help of them.


IIT JEE Books for Class 9th

Preparation material plays an important role to crack JEE. Thus to help you choose the best books we are providing the names of a few IIT jee books for class 9 subject-wise.

Physics Books for IIT



Concepts of Physics Part-1

HC Verma

Concepts of Physics Part-2

HC Verma

Practics book physics for JEE Mains and advanced

DC Pandey

Problems in General Physics

I.E. Irodov


Chemistry Books for IIT



Organic Chemistry

Robert T. Morrison and Robert N Boyd

Concepts of Organic Chemistry

OP Tandon

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

R.C Mukherjee

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

J.D. Lee


Mathematics Books for IIT



IIT Mathematics

M.L. Khanna

Mathematics for Class 11 and 12th

RD Sharma

Objectives Mathematics for JEE

RD Sharma

Higher Algebra

Hall and Knight



Now it is pretty clear how to prepare for IIT from class 9 without coaching, a proper mindset and a daily routine will surely help you to crack the exam. The tips mentioned above are followed by toppers while preparing for IIT and how they started their preparation from the class 9th without coaching. Following these tips will surely help you to crack JEE.

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