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How can we Score Well in Class 9th?

Updated on 05 February 2021
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Updated on 05 February 2021

Scoring well in class 9th is no big deal as you must be having a system of SA and FA, where the performance of students is assessed yearly as well as on a monthly basis by the school itself. This means you don't have to face the stressful board exam. Although class 9th is easy from other higher secondary classes but much tougher than any intermediate classes. The reason why class 9th is a bit difficult is that the syllabus is designed in a way that students will be introduced to the basics of the concepts which they will learn in their higher classes.

Students often wonder how to study science in class 9 and other subjects as the difficulty level of each subject increases which causes stress among students. Along with this students need to go to school and coaching every day and have to study for other scholarship exams like Olympiads and NTSE. This makes it even more stressful to balance time well and in between all this chaos, it becomes difficult to score well.

However, scoring well is difficult but not impossible- with drafting a proper timetable and following a subject-wise strategy you will be able to score well in class 9th. In this article, we will help you with making a suitable time-table by giving you some tips and tricks on how to make a timetable.


 How to make the Best timetable for a student of class 9 cbse?

Students need to follow certain steps in order to prepare the study timetable for class 9 CBSE.

1. First step is to rule out your weak and strong points and prepare a timetable accordingly. Give more time to subjects which you find difficult, it could be maths, science or social science.

2. Do not study for long hours continuously, for this make sure you are keeping your time-table flexible which means you are including enough time for entertainment as well as for physical activities. Take a nap for a half-hour or 1 hour after coming back from school.

3. Maths is a tough subject as it includes concepts and exercises which need more practice, so allocate at least 2 hours every day to math. Always do the subject like math during the nighttime as it doesn't require memorization.

4. Science is also among the toughest subjects so allocate at least 1.5 hours daily to cover all three- physics, chemistry, and biology. You can also cover physics one day and chemistry the other day.

5. Similarly give 1.5 hours to social science as it also includes history, geography, and political science which needs time to memorize. These subjects include a lot of memorization so learn them during the daytime when your mind is fresh.

6. Usually students take language subjects for granted and do not give proper attention to them however language subjects can improve your overall score. So, study any one language subject each day for 1 hour.

7. Do not stick to one time table, you can shift to another time table if you feel like you have completed the syllabus of any subject.

8. Do not stress yourself with the strict timetable as this will affect your health. Thus it is important to eat properly, sleep properly, and play every day.


Subject-Wise Preparation

The next thing which comes to mind after preparing a timetable is how to continue with subject or chapter wise preparation as some subjects are difficult from others and need more attention. We are providing you some tips on how to study various subjects below.

How to prepare for maths exam class 9?

Class 9th maths syllabus comprises basic arithmetic, probability, algebra, mensuration, and geometry. Follow NCERT to complete the syllabus and score good marks. Understand the theorems, learn the formulae, and practice more exercises given in NCERT books and reference books. Practicing a good set of questions is the only way to score well in maths.

How to Prepare for Science for Class 9th?

Understanding every concept of physics, chemistry, and biology from the NCERT book is enough to score well in science. To know how to study science in class 9 Learn definitions, chemical reactions, equations, and formulae by heart. Devote at least 1 hour to science each day.

How to Prepare for Social Science for Class 9th?

Social science includes subjects like history, political science, and geography which need a lot of memorizing of terms and names. Make sticky notes of dates and names to be remembered. Revise these subjects several times before the exam to score well.

How to Prepare for English/Hindi for Class 9th?

English and Hindi are language subjects and are not as tough as other subjects. However, students are often confused as to how to score good marks in Hindi class 9 and English. You just need to have a good practice of passages and letters to score well. So, you can refer to NCERT as well as the reference books to practice comprehension, writing, and grammar part.


Scoring high in grade 9 is very easy as it requires a little dedication and hard work. Starting your preparation early is also important to avoid regretting the last time. The above-mentioned time table is also the timetable for class 9 in lockdown. Make your timetable according to the tips mentioned above but do not forget that for class 9th you don't have to follow any strict routine to score well. Spare time for entertainment as well and stay calm during your preparation.

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