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How to score well in class 6th maths?

Updated on 18 February 2022
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Updated on 18 February 2022

Students usually find it difficult to score well in maths as it is the toughest and boring subject when compared to other subjects. Due to complex concepts and many different types of questions related to the same concept, students find it difficult to grasp it easily. Maths is a bit more difficult than other junior classes because it covers new concepts like probability, statistics, and percentage to students.

Thus this creates a lot of stress among students as they have a fear that this subject will have a major impact on their overall percentage. Thus this leads to the most common question that is- How to get full marks in class 6th?

So, the key is to practice more and more as maths is a subject which cannot be understood only after reading the concepts. You need to solve more and more questions as this will help you to solve any type of question in the exam. 


How to get 100% in Math

Scoring full marks in maths is not an easy task but surely not an impossible one. However other than practice you just need to follow some other tips that should be followed on the day of the exam. The tips on how to get 100% in math are mentioned below.

Do not Stress Yourself

The first tip is not to lose your calm, maths subject needs a lot of patience and optimism. Also, our forever study tip for class 6 students is to remain calm. As we know that Grade 6 is not as tough for a student as the student makes an image of it. Do not stress about new concepts of maths just concentrate more and practice more.

Read the Problems Carefully

The most common mistake students do on the day of the exam is that they try to rush to complete the exam and do not concentrate on key aspects of the question. DON'T DO THAT!

Read each problem with full concentration, at least twice. Follow this habit from the time of preparation so that you develop the habit completely before the exam day.

Don’t Leave the Easy questions for the end

Saving the easy questions for the last is the common trend among students. Probably because they think that their mind is fresh in the beginning and they will be able to solve tough questions smoothly. However, this is the opposite because just like your body needs a warm-up before doing strenuous exercises in the same way your mind needs a warm-up. Solving easy questions in the starting is no less than a warm-up for the mind. Thus always start with easy questions so that your mind is settled into the rhythm of the exam.

Manage your Time Properly

Students usually find it difficult to complete the math exam on time. The reason behind this is math problems require a step-to-step solution thus it requires more steps to solve the problem. This takes a lot of time and sometimes you need to solve the same question again if you applied the wrong formulae by mistake or followed the wrong procedure.

Thus the best way to score 100% in maths is to manage time from the starting of the exam so that there is no scope of missing any question. Distribute the 2-hour exam time into the time taken to solve each question, do not spend too much time on one question to avoid wasting time.

Revise & Revise

This is the most important study tip for class 6 that they must follow. Do not leave the examination hall even if you have completed the exam before time. Revise your answer sheet again and again as every time you will find a scope to detect errors or add steps (if missing). During your revision time bold your answers and main steps.

Do Not Overwrite

Always remember maths is not like any other subjects such as social science or English where you need to write long theoretical answers to score well in these subjects. But in maths you don’t need to overwrite or exaggerate anything as what matters is the correctness of the problem and not the theory.

Be Presentable

To score 100% in the exam, you need to know how to present your exam attractively. Thus for this, you need to write in clear handwriting, highlight every step you followed to solve the problem, underline your answer, and do not skip any step.



Maths subject is tough thus requires a lot of hard work. We have mentioned above that you need to practice more and more to get more marks. But nowadays there is a common question among students that is How to Score good marks in maths in one day? Thus the answer is there is no way to score good marks in maths within a day however this might be possible with other subjects but certainly not with maths. Maths requires constant practice thus there is no escape plan from hard work. 

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