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Best Learning Applications for Class 6th English Medium Students

Updated on 18 February 2021
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Updated on 18 February 2021

The traditional way of classroom learning is quite boring and we find that students usually get lost in notes and concepts. But online teaching has been popular for quite a long time. The advent of technology in the education system has completely revolutionized the learning process. Applications have proved to be bliss for students as they can clear any concept with just one tap on phone. Learning apps is the most time-saving as well as a suitable option for students to learn at home. 

Nowadays, you can find an abundance of free educational apps for students online. However, when it comes to studies it is important to not just follow the free apps but you have to find the best among all. Learning apps or online learning is a new concept so parents are still double-minded about its pros and cons. There is a common perception that online learning is not as good as the traditional way of learning.

So, below you can find a brief introduction of online resources and how useful they are and by the end of this article, you will also be clear on which are the best educational apps for students.


The usefulness of Online Resources

There are numerous educational apps for CBSE students in India. The reason behind this end number of learning apps is that now parents, students as well as teachers have started recognizing these apps as useful and the best companion for the student. However, the Usefulness of online resources are not limited to a few but are diverse which we are mentioning below-

Time-Saving- Student life is very difficult as they have a strict routine of attending school, preparing for the weekly test, doing homework or assignments, and then attending tuitions. All these tasks need to be done within a rigid time frame however with the help of learning apps they can reduce the time spent on tuitions. As now their tuition classes are known just one click away and in this way they can save time they spend to reach a tuition center.

Clear your Concept Anytime- Online apps are not time-bound like school and tuitions as you can clear your concept anytime you want to. These apps have recorded videos of each concept which you can avail of any time according to your time availability.

Saves Money- Students usually spend a lot of money on coaching classes for the same knowledge that they can get for free. However, you can find many online learning apps for free on the internet and in this way you can save a lot of money.

Flexible and Convenient Learning Environment- The best part about learning applications is that you can take the classes from your home library while traveling.

Education Apps for Students

Among various options available, Best free educational apps are hard to find but our platform study 24x7 is one of the leading learning platforms in the education industry. Study 24x7 is imparting the best knowledge possible for students from the past many years. Below we are mentioning how study 24x7 should be your first and last resort while looking for an online learning platform.

Offers Variety of Courses- Generally online platforms offer courses based on one interest. The best part about study 24x7 is they are not limited to a few courses but you can find the best video lectures for class 6th, almost for every subject.

Well- Structured Content- You can find many online courses but not all of them are framed properly and usually creates a lot of confusion among students. Study 24x7 provides well-structured courses so that students can understand the topics easily.

Real-Time Interaction through video Lectures- There is no doubt in the fact that the human brain tends to learn things in a better way through video modes rather than learning through books. Study24x7 provides video-based live classes that allow students to interact and solve their doubts.

Free Courses- Nothing could be greater than getting quality content that too for free. Study 24x7 provides free courses to class 6th students while ensuring the maximum quality with their lectures and notes.

You can get all the Study Material- Other than video lectures you can also find well- structured, quality study material for free on our website study 24x7.

Regular Test Series- Analyzing your performance after completion of the syllabus is important to score well in class 6th. Thus keeping this in mind our platform study 24x7 has various test series for every subject. You can avail many of them for free.



In the era of online learning, finding a suitable learning app is very difficult as not every app is suitable for you since some of them are not properly structured while others do not allow for live sessions. Also, the CBSE board has a comparatively tough and vast syllabus which makes it even more confusing to find the Best educational apps for CBSE students. However, the content on our app study 24x7 is designed according to the CBSE board.















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