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Leading Online Application for class 6 Hindi Medium Students

Updated on 18 February 2021
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Updated on 18 February 2021

The new concept of online learning has revolutionized the concept of learning in India. It has made the learning process completely easier than the traditional way of classroom learning and is the best way to save time and money. We have seen that feedbacks of parents and teachers are mixed for the online learning approach. As on one hand, parents are still apprehensive about accepting online learning, on the other hand, some of them can rely completely on online apps.

There is a debate between these apps of which among them are the best. However since the online learning industry is on a boom, you can find abundant apps online. But the major difficulty is faced by Hindi medium users because English is on-demand thus most of the courses are available for English medium students. There are very few leading applications available for Hindi medium students. This makes it difficult to find the best learning apps for Hindi medium students

Usually, online learning apps do not focus on the Hindi medium due to the common conception that they are easier than the English medium. However, in reality, the Hindi medium is tougher than the English medium. Also among the available apps, it is important to find the leading and best one for you. Till the end of this article, you will be clear on which is the leading application for the Hindi medium.


Best Learning Apps

Among various options available, the Best learning apps for students in India are hard to find but our platform study 24x7 is one of the leading learning platforms for English as well as Hindi medium. Study 24x7 is imparting the best knowledge possible for students from the past many years. Below we are mentioning how study 24x7 can be your best companion during your learning process.

Offers Variety of Courses- Generally online platforms offer courses based on one interest and target one language. However, the best part about study 24x7 is they are not limited to a few courses but you can find the best video lectures for class 6th, and that too in English as well as Hindi medium as well.

Well- Structured Content- You can find many online courses but not all of them are framed properly and usually creates a lot of confusion among students. Well-structured content plays a key role especially in the Hindi medium because the Hindi language itself is very confusing in comparison to English. Study 24x7 provides well-structured Hindi medium courses so that students can understand the topics easily. Thus it is the best ncert books app for CBSE students.

Real-Time Interaction through video Lectures- Recorded lectures create a lot of confusion especially in Hindi medium courses due to the tough words and spelling. While keeping this in mind Study24x7 provides video-based live classes that allow students to interact and solve their doubts with the trained faculty.

Regular Test Series- Analyzing your performance after completion of the syllabus is important to score especially in Hindi medium as you have to take care of any grammatical errors and spellings. Thus keeping this in mind our platform study 24x7 has various test series for every subject. You can avail of any of them in Hindi medium for free.


Nowadays many new apps are also introducing their Hindi medium courses but what is important is to find the Best educational apps for CBSE students as the CBSE board is comparatively tougher than other boards. Thus you cannot rely on any random app as your results will depend on this. Hence, Study 24x7 is designed according to the CBSE board pattern and is suitable for both English and Hindi medium students.


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