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Importance of Trees - Essay for class 6th students

Updated on 18 February 2021
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Updated on 18 February 2021

Trees have always provided humans, animals, and nature with vital things like oxygen and food. With the development of civilization, trees have become a more necessary part of the earth. They give shelter, shade, clothing, and medicines to humans. Woods helps people make shelters to live in, and many tribes use leaves for clothing as well. They provide medicine with their leaf or bark, and trees also help humans and animals to hide under their shade. 

There is no denying the fact that trees are very important. Let us look at the importance of trees in points to understand it better: -

Protects the Environment and Living Beings

The tree plays a significant role in cleaning the environment. It takes away the unwanted carbon dioxide, and in return, trees provide oxygen, which helps us to breathe. Oxygen plays a vital role in human life, and without trees, it is impossible for humans to survive.

Trees also protect us from the heat of the sun by forming a layer in the atmosphere. That layer helps reduce global warming.

There are also some pollutants that can cause damage to the environment and are also removed by trees. That is why planting more trees are significant to save our environment.

Gives Shelter and Shade 

With the help of woods, humans make houses to live in. They also give shade to animals and humans while it’s hot or raining. Whenever kids are playing inside a park, they usually get tired and sit under a tree to relax and hide themselves from the sun. The kids also use trees to play, sometimes they climb on the trees or hide behind them, which tells us the importance of trees for kids.

It is also a place to relax whenever you are tired, and you need to sit then you can sit under any tree. It is the home to various insects and birds. Birds make their nest on trees.

Source of Medicine and Food

Trees are a major source of medicine. For years people used trees as medicine for both humans and animals. Some people used to make drinkable medicine from tree leaves, and others used to rub the leaves on the body part that hurts the most or in case of wounds. A tree has the power to cure many illnesses, which means that people should plant more and more trees.

The tree also provides food to humans and animals. Animals eat leaves or branches of the tree to survive, and trees are necessary for their existence. Humans eat various types of foods from trees like fruits and coconut, and some dishes are made with the help of tree leaves. So, it is the source for both medicine and food for every living being.

Cleans the Water

Trees act as a natural sponge. It collects and filters the rainfall drops and releases them slowly into rivers and streams, and they are the most effective land shelter for maintaining the water quality.

Provides Clothes

Trees provide clothes to many humans. Tribes living in the forest mostly wear leaves from the trees as clothing. Whenever you go to a forest where a tribe resides, you will see them wearing tree leaves to cover themselves.

Makes the Environment Beautiful

A place full of trees looks very beautiful. People go to the forest to see the attractive environment which is covered by trees. Our nature is indeed beautiful, but trees make it much more captivating for humans.


Trees play a significant role in our lives, for animals and the environment. It is necessary to plant more and more trees every day as it saves the environment in many ways. People make furniture, paper, and build their houses from trees. It is home to some animals while it provides shelter to some animals. Then there is the importance of trees for kids as they climb the tree while playing and hide behind them, or sometimes, they just sit under it to relax. Most of all it gives us air to breathe and food to eat which is a necessity for our survival.

People also worship trees and some people have a spiritual connection with them. Hence, we, animals, and our environment need to have trees. They protect us, and we should protect them.

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