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Winter Season in India - Essay for class 6th students

Updated on 18 February 2021
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Updated on 18 February 2021

Winter is the coldest among all four seasons in which nights are longer and days are shorter. The Winter season in India usually starts at the end of October and lasts till March. Some states in India do not experience cold weather during winters while in some states, the temperature goes down to minus. North India weather usually stays cold during winters where some states experience snowfall. On the other side, South India's weather remains hot. 

Winter is a cozy season as there is a cold atmosphere everywhere, so people love to sit in their blankets or in front of the heater. In the afternoon, people like to sit on their balconies or terrace to get direct sunlight and to keep themselves warm. People love winters, and they wait seven months for it to come. So, here are 10 points on winter season and why people think it is the best: -

1. Hot Beverage and Sunlight in Winters

This is the main reason why people love winters. They like to sit in front of the sunlight with a cup of hot tea or coffee and just enjoy the warm afternoon. After spending the cold night in their blanket people, finally, get to see some sun and enjoy sunlight in the afternoon. Some people also travel during the afternoon, so they get to enjoy two things: The sun and the place they are traveling to at once.

2. Winter Season Means many Festival

Well, as you know, when winter comes, festivals like Christmas, New year, Lohri, etc starts. Christmas and New year are the most famous occasions, and you will also experience snowfall during this period. Lohri festival comes in January, and people get to see a bonfire in almost every street. Winters and bonfires are the perfect combinations, and that is why the winter season is quite popular among people.

3. Fewer Chances of Getting ill

During the winter season, your immune system and digestion systems get strong. It also keeps you from getting dehydrated as you do not sweat. During summers, you get more sweat, which leads to water loss in your body, but in winters, this is not the case as you do not sweat much.

4. Hot Food in Winters

Winter season means having hot foods throughout the season. Whenever you eat hot food during winters you always get a warm feeling inside your body. Especially while eating hot desserts like in India Gajar ka Halwa and Hot Gulab Jamuns are very popular during winter as they are served hot and also because they are tasty.

5. Experiencing Snowfall

Either you live in a place where snowfall happens, or you travel to a place to experience snowfall in both ways you get to see snow, which is one of the best parts of winter. Snowfall usually brings joy as you can play with snow and a place covered with snow looks very beautiful.

6. Winter Vacation

The Winter season in India means holiday time. Students are the happiest during the winter season in India as they get winter vacation. They get to enjoy the season and experience every aspect of it. Some children like to stay at home and get cozy while some children love to go out in winters.

7. Ending and Starting of The Year

The starting of the winter season is the ending of the year and the starting of a new year is the ending of the winter season. In both ways, you get to end and start your year with winter.

8. Bonfire During Winters

Bonfire is one of the essential things to do in winters. People usually call their friends and family to enjoy some time in front of a bonfire. Your body feels warm, and you get to meet your loved ones also.

9. Adventure Activities in Snow

You get to do various activities during the winter season in the snow. You can go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and trekking in the snow. These are some of the most fun things to do during the winter season, and you can also make a snowman which is an enjoyable activity for most of the people. 

10. Getting Cozy Inside the Blanket

Most people love to get cozy inside the blanket during winters. They do not like to come out of it as their blanket becomes warm from inside. It is something that everybody does, and it is one of the best feelings during the winter season to get cozy.


The Winter season is indeed the coziest and jolly season. Winters stay for five or six months, and during that period, all you can do is enjoy it. Enjoy your afternoon sunlight and a hot beverage, experience the snow, and stay cozy inside your blanket. These are some of the winter season information you should know in order to see why people love this season. 

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