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Study Time Table for class 5 students

Updated on 30 September 2022
CBSE Class 5
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Updated on 30 September 2022

Success is not possible without learning time management. Managing time is important to help students to score well. Studies are not always interesting because there are many subjects which are boring and tough. Also, there is so much distraction and interruptions while studying which affects the students negatively. However, to avoid exam stress it is important to plan your schedule with a perfect timetable.

Now, you must wonder what is the role of a perfect time table? Is that needed only to avoid stress? So the answer is certainly more than that. Perfect Time table for students gives them an idea of the next step, It helps you to complete the preparation efficiently and prepare you with a certain target which needs to be accomplished during the particular time.

All these benefits are satisfying enough to motivate you towards making a time table. However class 5th is not a tough class and you do not need to follow a strict timetable. Now the question is how to make a simple yet efficient timetable. So, we are mentioning some tips that will help you make a good time table.


How to Make Time Table for School

Preparing a timetable is not as easy as it seems as you don’t only have to make a time table but also manage your tough day like hectic school and coaching routines also. Thus Students need to make the Best timetable for study to balance their hectic schedule and to score well. In response to all the stress students face to prepare a time table, we are providing the tips to prepare the Best time table for class 5th students.

Step 1- Wake up around 6 and start your morning time with physical activities or some meditation to relax your mind.

Step 2- Get ready for school, attend your 6 hours of school with full attention. Do not miss your classes as it is important to clear your concepts.

Step 3- After 2 hours of break start your self-study session. Start your studies with subjects like Maths and Science for 1 hour each day. Due to difficult calculations and concepts, these subjects are comparatively tougher than other subjects. So, it is important to give at least 1 hour each day.

Step 4- This session will be a little long for you thus it is important to take a long break and reward yourself with some activities. Include at least 1 hour for outdoor games to relax your mind.

Step 5- After a 1-hour joy session, you can start your studies with a subject like social science as your mind is refreshed now.

Step 6- Before going to bed, study any language subject for at least 1 hour.

In this way, you will be studying for 10 hours, taking rest for 2 hours and playing for 1 hour. This will be the best time table for study a student can follow to score well. Studying for 10 hours a day is more than enough for any class 5 student.

Time Table for Weekend

There is no school at the weekend so you have ample time for self-study. Divide your free 6 hours among all the subjects equally. Along with that cover subjects like English, Hindi, Computer, Sanskrit, EVS on weekends.

We have given you a gist of how to prepare the time table by following these short steps. However, we will also suggest you cover those topics first that possess the highest weightage in your syllabus. Do not skip any subject. Always revise the previous topics before starting the new topic.

Some Important Points to Follow

Make your own timetable- Do not follow the time table made by any other people. Always remember everyone has their own strengths and limitations and no one knows you better than yourself. The best time table for students is one that they made by themselves; it should not be copied. Prepare time table according to your limits and goals which is always the best way to score well


Balance time between Homework and School Work- Revising what you have learned in school and doing homework is also important and is an everyday task. Try to complete your homework as soon as you reach home as it won't take much time and in this way you have an entire day to complete other tasks.

Study Material- Do not wait for the exams, arrange your study material from the starting as it is important to perform well in exams. You can also refer to other books but do not shift your focus from NCERT.

Prepare Notes- Always prepare your handwritten notes as they are a summary of whatever you have learned which helps you to not find them in the textbook every time you revise the topics. They will be helpful for last-minute preparation as they are handy and you can quickly go through them on the exam day. You can also make sticky notes on difficult topics.



We have mentioned the important tips to follow. With these tips, you will be able to prepare a good time table for study for a student at home. However the pro-tip you should remember is not to make a rigid timetable and take regular breaks while studying.






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