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SSC CGL 2020 Exam: English Language & Comprehension

Updated on 15 February 2020
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Updated on 15 February 2020

The SSC online notified the details and requirements of the SSC CGL 2020 Exam. The notification has a detailed syllabus for the English language & Comprehension. Some of the topics from the syllabus are as follows:

Shuffling of Sentence Parts:

Steps to solve questions on the shuffling of sentence parts are as follows: 

  1. Read the sentence carefully.
  2.  Identify the opening and closing statements from the options.
  3. Identify linking or transitional words like but, because, therefore, like, etc.
  4. Identify conjunction words like and, or, etc.
  5. Apply the elimination method.
  6. Re-read the arranged sentences for proper meaning and understanding.


It was 

A: was flowing

B: cold outside

C: and the wind

D: extremely



Here the opening sentence must be ‘D’ and closing sentence must be ‘A’.

‘Extremely’ is expressing the degree of cold.

Here the linking word is ‘and’.

Answer: DBCA

It was extremely cold outside and the wind was flowing.

Shuffling of sentences in a passage

When the sequence of the sentences of  a passage is altered than the shuffling of those sentences can be re-arranged by the following process:

  • Read the paragraph carefully.
  • Understand the flow of the paragraph.
  • Identify the opening and closing sentences in the paragraph.
  • Mark the words which are used together like neither –nor, either –or, etc.
  •  Identify the transitional words like hence, therefore, etc.
  • Identify pronoun antecedents like what, that, these, etc.
  • Arrange the sentences according to the above steps.
  • Apply the elimination method.
  • Re-read the sentences.
  • Re-check the structure and flow of the paragraph after applying the above steps.


A merchant was

  1. by the evening, he was feeling very tired.  
  2.  traveling for the whole day 
  3. He has erected a small tent.  
  4. So he decided to put up a tent.

Answer: BADC

A merchant was traveling for the whole day. By the evening, he was feeling very tired. He has erected a small tent. So he decided to put up a tent. 

Cloze Passage

  • In a cloze passage,  some of the words or parts of the passage are missed or omitted.
  •  A cloze test can also be known as ‘Fill in the blanks’. 
  • These types of questions are asked to check the understanding of the structure and meaning of the English passage.

Tips to solve questions on cloze passage:

  • Read the passage carefully.
  • Create the link with the flow of the sentence.
  • Identify passage structure and flow of thoughts.
  • Identify frequently used words, transitional words, and pronoun antecedents. 
  • Apply the eliminate method on chosen options.
  • Use the option in the passage and check the flow.
  • Re-read the passage for correct meaning and proper structural and logical flow.



Once, a hunter set __________ in a forest to _____animals. A ________ fox who did not know _________ set out to explore the forest _____ his own.


  1. young
  2. traps
  3. this
  4. catch
  5. on

Answer: BDACE

Once, a hunter set traps in a forest to catch animals. A young fox who did not know this set out to explore the forest on his own.

All the best to All the aspirants of SSC CGL 2020 !

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