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Top 5 Science Fiction Novels for Class 5th Students

Updated on 19 February 2022
CBSE Class 5
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Updated on 19 February 2022

No matter what your favorite genre is, there are various reasons you should read science fiction novels. From building strength to creating adventures, scifi offers its readers a lot. They are not just entertaining but give you knowledge about the world.

The science fiction genre is very diverse where you can find hundreds and thousands of novels in the market but the difficult part is to find the best one for kids. The reason behind this is there are very few novels available for the age group of 10-12 years. Due to complicated scientific theories and experiments, it is difficult to find science fiction stories for grade 5. Although they are tough to find we are here with some of the best fiction novels that can be read by everyone including students of 5th grade-

The top 5 science fiction novels for class 5th students are- Explorer academy series by Trudi trueit, Sanity and Tallulah series by Molly brook, The firefly code by Megan Frazer Blakemore, the last kids on Earth series by Max Brallier, and the wild robot by peter brown. These are some of the best-selling novels however before reading those you need to know why they are best, so below we are giving a gist about these novels and will also provide you with other best options than this.


Science Fiction Picture Books

1. Explorer Academy Series by Trudi Trueit- This is one of the best science fiction stories for grade 5 and especially for those who love science. This is the action-based adventure series sponsored by National geographic. This series is a bundle of joy for kids as it is the best mixture of puzzles, codes, friendships, secrets, and a mystery. The series also explains the real science behind fictional science so that people can believe in mystery.

2. Sanity and Tallulah series by molly brook- This novel is all about two young scientists who were trying hard to find some adventures in the boring life of the scientist. Sanity, a character, used her scientific skills to make a three-headed kitten who escaped from the lab and started causing destruction in the world. This shocked Tallulah and sanity and they tried to find the cat before she could do the irreversible damage.

3. The Wild Robot by Peter Brown- This is another fascinating fiction novel among 5th grades kids. This book is a perfect blend of technology and nature as when a robot called Roz finds herself on a secluded island where she finds herself lost. Soon, Roz, the robot, became friendly with animals on the planet and it felt like a home to her until her past came back to haunt her.

4. The last kids on Earth series by Max Brallier- Full of thrills, chills, and laughter this series is one of the best among fiction lovers and is popular science fiction books for high school students. This series is all about apocalypse lovers where a boy named Jack manages to survive the zombie apocalypse and defend his treehouse from the monsters.

5. Bloom by Kenneth Oppel- This book is all about Earth being invaded by alien plants. They take birth on Earth as seeds carried away by raindrops develop overnight and become big plants that release toxic pollen that swallow animals and humans. But among all only three teens- Anaya, petra, and Seth were lucky enough to be immune to the invasion of these plants. The book revolves around how the kids involved figure out the reasons behind their immunity so that they will be able to save the entire planet.

6. Glitch by Laura Martin- This book is basically about time travel where you can find a perfect blend of science and history. The two characters regan and Elliot were glitchers- people who travel time to keep history intact. When they receive a letter from a future version of Regan they accept the offer ignoring the fact that they are long-time enemies.

7. My Life as an Icecream Sandwich by Ibi Zoboi- This book is a realistic story with a science fiction novel. When elbony grace leaves her home and goes to live with her dad she gets lost in the imaginary world. Because she starts accepting comic book characters and tries to adopt their lifestyle.


Science fiction novels are real-world magic that every student should experience in their life. Fiction novels are the best way to develop scientific knowledge among students. There are many middle grades science fiction available, among those some of the best ones we have mentioned above. You should try reading them as this will boost your scientific temperament.

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