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Free Vocabulary Improvement Apps for Class 5 Students

Updated on 19 February 2022
CBSE Class 5
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Updated on 19 February 2022

What is vocabulary? You might have heard this term several times. Vocabulary means the words/language that we speak. Several children with poor vocabulary are sent to various tuition classes so that their vocabulary can improve. 

Apart from these vocabulary classes, there are certain vocabulary apps that can be downloaded by the parents so that their children can improve their vocabulary. There are various free vocabulary websites for students that can help them improve their vocabulary. Through these apps, students will be able to improve their vocabulary which will be helpful in the long run.  

Best Vocabulary Apps for 5th Grade

When you are studying, you learn new words that add to your vocabulary. It is important to have a strong vocabulary as students might need it in the long run. You can be a good orator or an anchor if you have a strong vocabulary. But for now, let us just focus on the best and free vocabulary apps for students.

1. Study 24x7:

This is one of the best free apps that a student can use to prepare for the exams. There are various interests from which a student can choose like higher education, commerce, Classes 1 – 12th and much more. This is all in one app that the students can refer to if they want to gain a good percentage.


2. Kid Family English:

This app is aimed to develop a good vocabulary among students. This app includes a key feature like story-telling which will help the students to learn the English language. The app also includes chapter-wise grammar and vocabulary that will help the students in improving their vocabulary. 

3. Endless Alphabet:

This app will teach the students the letter sounds and vocabulary. In this app, the student has to drag the correct letters to make it into a word. The word must be placed at the correct place. This is one of the best vocabulary apps available. 

4. World’s Worst Pet – Vocabulary:

This is kind of a vocabulary game that enhances the vocabulary of class 5 students. Students are introduced to domain-specific vocabulary i.e. vocabulary related to one particular topic. This app focuses on the relevant vocabulary words that will enhance the ability of the students to speak and write.

5. Preposition Builder:

Students in this app learn to put the correct prepositions in a sentence in order to complete it. This vocabulary app helps the students in knowing the correct use of prepositions. 

6. Spelling City:

It is a vocabulary app wherein kids learn the spellings of particular words and improve their vocabulary and grammar skills. This app has free sample lists for students including words from subjects like maths, science, analogy, sound-alike words etc. 

These are some of the best vocabulary apps for iPad i.e. you can access these apps on the iPad as well. These apps will not only help in enhancing your vocabulary but will also guide you to frame the correct set of sentences while speaking or writing. 

One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that these are also the vocabulary apps for 4th grade as well. There are other lists too which are given below.   

  1. Study 24x7
  2. Spelling Bee Lists
  3. Montessori Words & Phonics
  4. Peg & Pog
  5. 5th Grade Vocabulary Prep
  6. Vocabulary Prep
  7. 5th Grade Vocabulary Challenge

These are other apps that the students can refer to in case they want to improve their vocabulary. In middle school, we come across a lot of competitions that require vocabulary skills. So it is important to know the vocabulary apps for middle school. Let us take a look at them.  

  1. Knowji
  2. Middle School Vocabulary 7th Grade
  3. SAT Vocabulary Visuals and Audios by VocabAhead
  4. Knowji AWL + (Academic Word List)
  5. GRE Vocab Genius Audios & Pictures
  6. Grade 6 Vocabulary Visuals & Audios
  7. Push Vocabulary Builder
  8. Visual Vocab SAT – Pro
  9. SAT Vocab by MindSnacks
  10. Middle School Vocabulary Prep
  11. SAT Flashcards
  12. Vocabulary Builder

Apart from Study 24x7 being the best app for preparation; these are some of the middle school vocabulary apps that will help the students in enhancing their vocabulary. It is important to note that the above-mentioned apps are free. Therefore, students can make use of these apps to improve their vocabulary.

But wait; let me ask you a question regarding vocabulary. Have you ever thought of playing vocabulary games? Well, you can enhance your vocabulary by just playing games; can you imagine that! Let us take a look at some of the vocabulary games.

  1. Hangman 
  2. Pictionary
  3. Scrabble
  4. Boggle
  5. Dominoes
  6. Memory
  7. Words Association
  8. Apples to Apples
  9. Word Ladder
  10. Learn English Sentence
  11. English Grammar – Quiz Games
  12. Learn English – Prepositions
  13. Upwords
  14. Match up Learn English Words
  15. Simon Says

These are some of the best vocabulary games that you can play. Students of any class can play these games. You will learn to put correct words in a sentence along with enhanced vocabulary. 

There are an unlimited amount of vocabulary apps that you can try. The apps mentioned in the above article are free vocabulary apps for students. If a student has an average vocabulary; these apps will help them in improving their vocabulary. Thus, it is advised that students must try these vocabulary apps in order to enhance their speaking and writing skills.  


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