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Best Books to prepare for ICAR AIEEA UG Exam

Updated on 19 February 2022
UG Entrance
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Updated on 19 February 2022

The ICAR All India Entrance Examination (AIEE) is conducted to shortlist aspirants for admission in undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in agriculture and allied sciences. The ICAR AIEEA is led once every year and is most likely to be conducted in June by the national testing agency. The ICAR AIEEA is led in online mode (PC-based test) and the term of the test is two and a half years. As the exam is expected to be conducted in June 2021, it is high time for the candidates to kick start their preparation and work hard to achieve the desired score. 

However, to start the preparation for any exam it is important to collect the best books which will help in the preparation strategy. Many Icar ug entrance exam books are easily available in the marketplace but collecting all of them creates confusion and will not solve any purpose for you. Thus it is important to have the best books to prepare for the exam. Below we are recommending some of the best books by leading authors. You should refer to them to score well in the exam.


Best Books for ICAR Entrance Exams

To crack the exam it is important to collect the best ICAR study material. You can also refer to the books mentioned below.



NTA-ICAR: AIEEA-UG Entrance Exam Guide

R. Gupta

ICAR Syllabi (BSc Agriculture)

Dr. Rajeev Bairathi

R.K. Gupta

Ready Reckoner for ICAR-AIEEA (UG)

R.K. Sharma

U. D. Chavan

BSc Agriculture for ICAR AIEEA (UG)

Dr. Lalita Gaur


R. Gupta

BSc Agriculture Entrance Exam 2020


General Agriculture for ICAR

Jain Brothers

BSc Agriculture Entrance Exam

Dr. Lalita Gaur




How to prepare for ICAR UG Exam?

Other than having the best books it is important to make a good study plan while preparing for the ICAR exam. We have given some tips for the candidates to know how to prepare for the ICAR UG exam. Candidates can follow these tips given below to qualify for the exam.

Prepare a Time Table- You can get hundreds of timetables on the web but we will suggest you not follow a time-table prepared by anyone else because every individual has different strengths and weaknesses. Make your timetable on your own after deciding on how much time you can devote to a particular subject. Do not stress your mind, prepare a time-table according to your capabilities.


Topic Wise Study- Preparing the syllabus topic-wise should be your next step after preparing a timetable. Divide the syllabus of each subject into topics that should be covered daily, in this way your studies will remain in systematic order and you will know what you have covered and what else is remaining. It is also advised to start with tough topics and then move into easy topics.

Marking Scheme- It is important to know the marking scheme for each topic. This will help you decide what topics need more attention and which you cannot to leave for the exam.

Regular Breaks- It is important to give some time to the mind to relax in between long study sessions. Thus regular breaks are the only way to keep your mind relaxed. You can devote your break time to physical exercises, meditation, or yoga. This will help your mind to calm down and release all the stress.


Practice and Revision- Revision is an important phase to crack any exam. Thus It is always advised to start your preparation early so that you have ample time for revision at the end. You can divide your preparation into 2 parts as mentioned below.

  1. Question-Based Revision- You should do question-based revision in your preparation strategy. To revise a particular chapter or unit from physics chemistry, or biology, choose a good set of 40-50 MCQ questions and solve them within a limited time frame. You can also select MCQ from our online platform study 24x7, we provide a good set of MCQ questions for PG entrance.

  1. Comprehensive Revision- After the question-based revision you can move on to a comprehensive revision that is chapter-wise revision. For this, you should go with NCERT and your self notes which you must have prepared during your preparation. You can jot down the important points, diagrams, formulae, etc. on one page and should revise that after every other day.

Performance Analysis- After every mock test, analyze your performance and make notes of them. In every revision session, try to work on these mistakes firstly. A week before the exam have a look at the notes of repeated mistakes, in this way you will remember not to repeat that on the exam day.


The tips mentioned above along with the names of the Best Books for the ICAR PG entrance exam will help you clear the exam on the first attempt. Along with all these points do not forget to get updated with the syllabus. You can refer to the official site of ICAR i.e.

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