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Study Materials for IIT JAM Entrance Exam

Updated on 24 February 2021
PG Entrance
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Updated on 24 February 2021

A postgraduate degree is one of the important degrees in the career of a student. Students go for many PG courses depending upon their interests and eligibility. But today we will focus on the IIT–JAM exam. Now, what is IIT–JAM? IIT – JAM is an examination that is conducted for shortlisted students. The students give this exam in order to qualify for M.Sc. and other integrated M.Sc. programs.

There are many colleges that accept IIT – JAM scores for admission. IIT – JAM consists of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Geology, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics and much more. Here, we will provide IIT–JAM study material for chemistry, Physics, Geology, etc.

IIT – JAM study material for Chemistry   

Chemistry is one of the important subjects if you go for the JAM examination or any M.Sc. course. Below is the list of study materials for chemistry. It is important for the students to know that the syllabus has been updated for the examination. 




Basic concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry

Basic Mathematical Concepts

Periodic Table

Natural Products Chemistry

Theory of Gases

Main Group Elements (S & P Blocks)

Organic Reactions Mechanism and Synthetic Applications

Atomic and Molecular Structure

Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Solid State

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Qualitative Organic Analysis

Chemical and Phase Equilibria

Analytical Chemistry


Chemical Kinetics

Transition Metals (D – Block)


Chemical Thermodynamics

Instrumental Methods of Analysis







This is the updated syllabus for chemistry that students have to study in order to prepare for the exams. Along with the syllabus, let us take a look at the books required for the preparation.

  1. Concise Organic Chemistry – J. D Lee
  2. Stereochemistry: Conformation and Mechanism – P.S Kalsi
  3. Organic Spectroscopy – William Kemp
  4. Natural Products – O.P Agarwal
  5. Analytical Chemistry – An Introduction
  6. Structure and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry – Howard Maskill

These are some of the books that the students can refer to in order to prepare for the exam. There are many M.Sc. entrance exam question papers of previous years that the students can practice from. This will result in efficient preparation for the M.Sc. exam.

Study Material for IIT – JAM Physics

Physics is a subject that includes topics like inertia, gravity, force etc. Physics is also an important part of the IIT – JAM examination. So, let us take a look at the study material required for physics.    

  1. Physical World and Measurement
  2. Elementary Statics and Dynamics
  3. Kinematics
  4. Laws of Motion
  5. Work
  6. Energy and Power
  7. Electrostatics 
  8. Current Electricity
  9. Electromagnetic Waves
  10. Optics
  11. Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations
  12. Atomic Nucleus
  13. Principles of Communication
  14. Gravitation
  15. Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
  16. Heat and Thermodynamics
  17. Oscillations
  18. Waves

This is the updated syllabus of physics for the IIT – JAM examination. Now, let us take a look at some of the M.Sc. physics entrance exam books

  1. Introduction to Electrodynamics – David J. Griffiths 
  2. Concepts of Physics - H.C Verma
  3. Concepts of Modern Physics
  4. An Introduction to Mechanics
  5. Waves and Oscillation – N. Subrahmanyam
  6. Quantum Mechanics
  7. Solis State Physics – S.O Pillai

These are some of the books that will help the students in having better preparation for the exams. 

Study material for M.Sc. Zoology entrance exam 

IIT – JAM includes Zoology too. The study material is as follows:

  1. Biodiversity 
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Human Anatomy
  4. Genetics
  5. Developmental Biology
  6. Economic Biology
  7. Origin of Life
  8. Human Physiology 
  9. Microbiology 
  10. Immunology 
  11. Modern Genetics
  12. Environmental Science
  13. Applied Biology
  14. Theories of Evolution

This is the syllabus for the M.Sc. zoology entrance exam. Further, let’s look at the other study material for the subject.

  1. Principles of Genetics – Robert H. Tamarin
  2. Essentials of Physiology – Lauralee Sherwood
  3. Cell and Molecular Biology – Eduardo de Robertis
  4. M.Sc. Zoology
  5. Molecular Biology of Cell – Bruce Alberts
  6. Developmental Biology – Gilbert
  7. Physiology – Sherwood

These are some of the exam preparation zoology books that will help the students in achieving good grades. Students must focus on all the above–mentioned study material in order to crack the exam on the first attempt. 

The IIT – JAM entrance examination is quite difficult. Students are advised to prepare accordingly for this exam. The M.Sc. entrance exam study material is given above. Therefore, students are advised to follow the updated syllabus and the revised edition of books in order to score a good percentage in the exams. 

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