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B.com vs CA: Which course is better?

Updated on 20 February 2021
Bcom Exam Guide
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Updated on 20 February 2021

What is B.Com and CA?

B.com or Bachelors of Commerce is an undergraduate degree. This degree includes business related areas and subjects and opens a wide range of career opportunities. After graduating in B.Com, an individual can do various other courses like finance, accounting, taxing, M.Com and many others. B.Com is a three year program.

The CA course is conducted by ICAI (Indian Chartered Accountants Institute). CA can be a good option for students pursuing higher education. A CA is considered to be a member of ICAI. There are three levels of training which are conducted by the ICAI. 

What is the value of B.Com with CA? Candidates can pursue B.COM with CA. Some feel that it is important to have an undergraduate degree along with CA. However, it’s not important. If an individual is not able to clear the CA exam then it is advisable to do B.Com. An individual can do various other courses after completing the graduation degree. 

CA v/s MBA Salary

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a master’s degree program that provides training to the students in developing skills like leadership and management skills. MBA is a two-year program whereas CA is a four-year program including all the three levels (CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, Article-ship plus CA Final). Both CA and MBA have advantages in terms of money-making. A CA can earn up to 5 – 9 lakhs per annum whereas a MBA can earn up to 12 – 15 lakhs per annum. The salary varies based on experience and work requirement.

What is the difference between B.Com and B.Com CA?

There is a lot of difference between B.Com and B.Com CA. But let’s just stick to the pros and cons to have a better understanding of the difference. 


  1. The subjects are similar in both B.Com and CA so basically doing B.Com along with CA can be quite helpful.
  2. Students can do article-ship without being referred i.e. students can get article-ship directly in the campus placements rather than applying from outside. Article-ship is a three-year training program that enables the students to work for various companies under various supervisors.


  1. Doing B.Com along with CA can be quite hectic as some students are not able to manage their studies. Many try to multi-task and give reasonable time to each subject, but sometimes it’s not possible.
  2. Article-ship cannot be done if you haven’t graduated. So you have to wait till graduation to begin with article-ship. 

As far as B.Com is concerned, there are pros i.e. you can complete your B.Com course within three years and then switch to CA. The subjects of both the courses are the same therefore; you can skip a few things while studying for CA. But there are some negative aspects as well. The time duration will increase i.e. minimum 6-7 years time will be required to complete both the courses separately.

Therefore, these are the differences between B.Com and B.Com CA. 

What are the benefits of B.Com with CA?

Some benefits are listed above so you can refer to them. Below are the other benefits of B.Com with CA.

Pursuing CA along with B.Com is a plus point. A graduation degree is considered as a formality which has to be done somehow. Moreover, doing CA along with B.Com opens a wide range of career opportunities. Students can have good career growth, financial growth and opportunities. Having a CA degree gives an edge over others. The dual degree serves as a rewarding career. Therefore, the students are advised to do B.Com with CA. 


Which B.Com degree is best for CA? 

Well, there is not much of a choice regarding the undergraduate degree to be done along with CA. Students can either do B.Com (Honours) or B.Com along with CA. These two options are available in the Government Universities. Other options might be available in other private universities. However, it is advisable to do either of the two options mentioned above. Students can pursue B.Com from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) as it is specially designed for students to complete B.Com in comparatively lesser time. 

What are the details of B.Com with CA Course?

B.Com with CA can be a good option for individuals who wish to pursue CA but also want to have an undergraduate degree alongside. Therefore, below are the details of B.Com with CA course. 

Admissions to CA Course:

  1. Students who have passed the entry-level examination CPT (Common Proficiency Test) are eligible for the course.
  2. Students who have passed IPCC (Intermediate Professional Competence Course) are also eligible for admission in the course.

Course Fee:

The course fee is Rs. 15,000/-. Therefore, students must procure a place by paying the fee. 

Course Details:

  1. First Year 

Code No.

Paper Name

Maximum Marks


Business Communication



Principles of Management 



Marketing Management



Principles of Accountancy



Mercantile Law


  1. Second Year


Business Statistics



General Economics



Financial Accounting



Cost Accounting



Financial Accounting


  1. Third Year








Corporate Accounting



Information Technology



IT Training


ICAI offers a three-year program of B.Com and CA and the course details are mentioned above. Apart from the differences mentioned above, it is advisable to the students to pursue B.Com with CA as it would be less time-consuming and students will get an undergraduate degree. Therefore, candidates applying for the course must know all the details regarding the program. For further information, the candidate can log on to the official site of ICAI: www.icai.org

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