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B.com vs BBA: Which course is better? Subject, Syllabus, Carrer!

Updated on 20 February 2021
Bcom Exam Guide
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Updated on 20 February 2021

Management Skills are the abilities that a leader possesses for a better functioning of the organization. These skills are: Interpersonal Skills, Conceptual Skills, Technical Skills, Decision-Making Skills and Analytical Skills. These skills can be sharpened with the help of courses like B.Com or BBA. Now, it is difficult to decide which course is better for developing these skills. This article provides you the solution as to which course is better. 

In order to begin with, one needs to have proper information regarding the subjects and courses.

B.Com Course and Subjects

B.Com subjects are separated into six semesters i.e. three years. Below are the B.Com subject Syllabus

Semester – 1 

  1. English & Business Communication
  2. Business Economics – I 
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Commercial Laws
  5. Principles of Management

Semester – 2 

  1. English and Business Communication
  2. Corporate Accounting
  3. Business Laws
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Environmental Science
  6. Interdisciplinary e-commerce 

Semester – 3 

  1. Cost Accounting
  2. Company Law
  3. Banking & Insurance
  4. Indirect Tax Laws

Semester – 4 

  1. Security Analysis
  2. Portfolio Management
  3. Advanced Accounting
  4. Cost Management
  5. Marketing Management

Semester – 5 

  1. Income Tax
  2. Indian Economy
  3. Entrepreneurship 
  4. Financial Market & Services

Semester – 6 

  1. Direct Tax Laws
  2. Operational Research
  3. Financial Reporting 
  4. Business Ethics

BBA Course

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA course provides in – depth analysis and techniques of business management. Below are the subjects of BBA:

  1. Principles of Management
  2. Statistics
  3. Business Economics
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Management Accounting
  6. Industry Relations
  7. Production Management
  8. Data Processing
  9. Psychology – An Introduction
  10. Sociology – An Introduction
  11. Business Analytics
  12. E-Commerce
  13. Computer Applications
  14. PR Managements
  15. Project Management
  16. Customer Behaviour

Which one is Easy: B.Com or BBA?

BBA and B.Com offer the same career opportunities. But if a student wishes to pursue CA, then B.Com will be a better option for him as the subjects of both the courses are the same. Both BBA and B.Com are three year programs. Therefore, both provide the same career growth and opportunity. According to many sources and sites, BBA is much easier to do as compared with B.Com. But it depends upon the college from where an individual is pursuing the course. In some colleges BBA is comparatively better and in others B.Com. But as far as overall conclusion is concerned, BBA is easier than B.Com.

What is the Salary of a B.Com Graduate and a BBA Graduate?

As stated above, both B.Com and BBA provide the same career opportunities. Although both BBA and B.com earn almost the same, they may vary a little. A BBA graduate earns around 2-3 lakh per annum. This is the average package which ranges from 2-10 lakh per annum depending upon the college. The salary package of B.Com also ranges from 2-8 lakh per annum. There is hardly any difference between the salaries of B.Com and BBA. Therefore, students can pursue either of the courses depending upon their choice.

Which Course is better for Banking: BBA or B.Com?

Well, both BBA and B.Com are good courses for banking jobs. But in my opinion, B.com is much better than BBA as it provides a wide range of jobs like MBA, M.Com and other master courses. After graduating in B.Com a student can apply for various jobs like banking, accountant, auditor, HR, finance etc. BBA can be a good career option if it is followed by an MBA. But BBA does not open any range of courses to be done. If one is doing BBA, all he can do is MBA. Therefore, B.Com must be preferred over BBA for banking and other opportunities. 

Which course is better for MBA: B.Com or BBA?

Well, this is an everlasting question. Many students are still confused about the courses to be pursued. Students wish to do an MBA but do not know which undergraduate course they should apply for. B.Com no doubt opens a wide range of possibilities for the students i.e. students can apply for various courses like banking, accountancy, finance, M.Com etc. On the other hand, BBA gives managerial and technical training to the student to be applied and followed later in the organization. BBA is therefore a better option to pursue MBA later. MBA or Masters of Business Administration gives all kinds of management training to the student. The subjects of BBA and MBA are somehow related. Therefore, students will not find it difficult to do an MBA after BBA. 

Both the courses i.e. BBA and B.com have their own specialisations. Students can decide which course they want to pursue. B.com and BBA salary vary a bit but it’s almost the same. BBA and B.Com are both three year undergraduate programs that open a wide range of opportunities for the future. Students can pursue either of the courses they wish to do. 

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