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What is the difference between B.com and B.com honour courses?

Updated on 20 February 2021
Bcom Exam Guide
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Updated on 20 February 2021

What is B.Com Honours?

B.Com Honours is an undergraduate degree which is available all over India in all the colleges. It is a three-year program which includes development of managerial and technical skills. This course is followed by a number of job opportunities and career growth. You can apply for jobs like marketing manager, tax consultant, finance manager and many more. 

There are 9 – 10 B.com honours subjects which you have to study. These subjects cover the business areas and other aspects. These subjects are:

1. Accounting 

2. Finance

3. Business

4. Management

5. Marketing

6. Philosophy

7. Political Science

8. Information Technology

9. Tourism Management

10. International Business

B.Com honours subjects vary from one another as they not only cover the business areas, rather all other general subjects like IT, Politics etc. 

Well, after the subjects lets come to the B.Com Honours Salary. Salary too varies according to the jobs you are posted in. Below are the jobs and the relative salaries for the same:






Rs. 2 lakh per annum


Junior Accountant

Rs. 1.50 lakh per annum


Business Executive

Rs. 3 Lakh per annum


Account Manager

Rs. 5 Lakh per annum


Tax Consultant

Rs. 4.5 lakh per annum


Financial Analyst

Rs. 3 Lakh per annum


Financial Consultant

Rs. 5 lakh per annum


Account Executive

Rs. 2.5 lakh per annum


Business Consultant

Rs. 9 lakh per annum

Benefits of B.Com Honours:

After passing the 12th grade, students are in a dilemma whether to choose B.Com honours or any other course which will lead to a better career growth and job opportunities. As B.Com honours provide a wide range of possibilities to the students, yet they must have proper knowledge regarding the course. After B.Com honours you can do various master’s courses like M.Com, MBA, CA, CMA and many more. Apart from these courses you must also know the benefits of B.Com honours.


  1. B.Com honours is a business-oriented specialization course.
  2. This course lays emphasis on developing technical and managerial skills which are important in every organization.
  3. This course provides an in-depth knowledge regarding the commerce field.
  4. Students can pursue any other course along with B.Com honours like CA, CS, CMA, MBA etc. 
  5. The salary after B.Com honours is also quite well.
  6. People can either work in an organization or start their own business as well. 
  7. Students can have some of the highest paying jobs after graduating in B.Com honours.

Some students want to pursue B.Com professional while some wish to do B.Com honours. But none of them know the difference between B.Com hons and B.Com professional. B.com honours gives an in-depth knowledge of business related areas. You can choose the field you want specialization in. Specialization courses helps in having an extra knowledge of the particular subject, thereby having an edge over others. Both the courses are more or less the same. There is just a slight difference i.e. in B.Com honours all the subjects are taught normally and the main focus is on developing management skills among students. On the other hand in B.Com professional the main focus of the course is on seminar papers, submissions, communication skills, soft skills and others. There is just one difference between B.Com hons and B.com professional which is mentioned above.

Another thing students wish to know is which is better B.Com or B.Com honours. Well, the benefits of B.com honours have been listed above. So, here we can come to the conclusion that B.com honours is undoubtedly better than B.Com in terms of course, the salary, the job opportunities and career growth. B.Com honours offers specialization in business related courses unlike B.Com. Moreover, many master’s programs can be done abroad after B.Com honours. There are many other benefits of B.Com honours. That is why, B.Com honours is better than B.Com. 

Is maths compulsory for B.Com honours? This is the most asked question. As far as B.Com is concerned, it can be completed without maths. But you need to have mathematics as a subject in class 12th to apply for B.Com. B.Com honours require maths as a full-fledged subject. For almost every university, you need to have this subject to apply for the course. Since it is a specialization course, therefore, students need to clear the maths exam in 12th standard to apply for B.Com honours. 

This article lays emphasis on B.Com honours i.e. Benefits of B.com honours, B.Com honours subjects, B.Com honours salary etc. students are advised to apply for B.Com honours as it is much better than B.Com in terms of career growth and job opportunities. You can apply for another course while doing B.Com honours. Therefore, B.Com honours is an effective option in order to have a good and a promising career. 

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