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Management is life and MBA is a dream after B.Com

Updated on 20 February 2021
Bcom Exam Guide
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Updated on 20 February 2021

MBA or Master’s in Business Administration is a post-graduate degree which focuses on the business areas. This course is authorized to the United States and other countries. MBA is a two-year program which consists of subjects like Marketing, Risk Analysis, Economics, Accounting, Business Ethics, Communication Skills, Organization behaviour and many more. MBA is basically a full-fledged course which covers all the above mentioned subjects and more.

On the other hand, B.Com is a three-year program which also covers some of the business areas like Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Taxation and many others. It is an undergraduate degree covering more or less the business aspects. These aspects are further covered or carried forward in MBA. Jobs after B.Com and salary vary according to the post you are posted in. However, after the graduation degree you are advised to do a master’s degree like MBA, CA or CS. There are many other options but most of the students opt for these courses. Some of the jobs after B.Com and salary are given below:






Business Analyst

B.Com / B.Com honours

Rs. 3 – 5 LPA


Financial Risk Manager

B.Com / honours

Rs. 7 – 10 LPA


Government Jobs

B.Com / honours

Rs. 5 – 12 LPA


Digital Marketer

B.Com / B.Com honours

Rs. 4 – 10 LPA

Similarly B.Com + MBA Salary varies according to the post you are provided. Many people pursue MBA after B.Com to have some good salary packages and growth in career opportunities. You can earn a reasonable amount of money by having a master’s degree alongside the undergraduate one. Some of the salary packages are given below:


B.Com + MBA Salary Packages Per Month



Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 35,000/-


MBA from any Business School

Rs. 1 – 3 Lakhs


Starting Salary with Certificate (No Business School)

Rs. 35,000/- to Rs. 75,000/-


Senior Manager

Rs. 1 – 3 Lakhs


Company CEO

Rs. 3 – 5 Lakhs

Many students pursue MBA after B.Com or BBA. Both the options are good as they both lead to MBA. However, there is one difference between BBA and B.Com. B.Com opens a wide range of opportunities in terms of master’s courses whereas BBA does not. You can apply for M.Com, Finance, Accounting, Taxation, CA, CS, CMA and many other courses after completing B.Com. But after completing BBA, you are not left with many options. Usually, after completing BBA, students go for an MBA degree. Since it does not provide many options, students are advised to choose B.Com instead of BBA.

There is confusion among the students that they go through. Many students have doubts whether they can do an MBA after B.Com Pass. Well, the answer is yes. You can apply for an MBA degree after completing B.Com pass. The eligibility criteria to get into the MBA program is 50% in any undergraduate degree like BA, B.Com, B.Com pass, B.A Pass and many other disciplines. MBA provides theoretical and practical training. Therefore, any discipline will be accepted for applying into MBA.


Many students wonder about B.Com after MBA process i.e. what is the procedure for acquiring admission into the reputed colleges after completing B.Com / B.Com honours. You can apply for an MBA degree after completing B.Com / B.Com honours. Therefore, for applying, you can give various entrance examinations like CAT/ MAT/ XAT etc. CAT or the Common Admission Test is one of the best entrance examinations that students can apply in order to gain admission in the reputed colleges that offer MBA.

The entrance examination is followed by the cut-off lists. Generally the cut-off goes up to 95%. After the cut-off lists have been released, selected students are called for a Group Discussion. Certain students get selected in the Group Discussion who further goes for the third and the final round i.e. the personal interview round. Here the candidate is examined by the institute. The students who have cleared all these three stages become eligible for admission into the institute. This is the process for gaining admission into the top colleges of MBA. 

B.Com honours is that one course after which students can apply for an MBA degree. MBA can also be done after other undergraduate programs. But B.Com honours is considered to be the best option for MBA. There are several reasons why MBA after B.Com honours is effective. Some of the reasons are given below:

Easy to understand the Syllabus:

The subject list for B.Com honours and MBA is quite the same. Therefore, you can study and develop a better understanding of the subject. Subjects like accounting, finance, taxation and many others are the same in MBA. 


B.Com honours paves the way for MBA which is a specialization degree. The main focus of MBA and B.Com honours are the business aspects and areas. Both the courses focus on the same thing. But in MBA, there is a more detailed research and analysis for the same. Therefore, both B.Com and MBA are business research courses.

Leadership and Managerial Skills:

Both B.Com and MBA focus on the business areas. Therefore, it is important for the students to learn technical, managerial and leadership skills which will help them in the future while working for an organization. Leadership and Managerial Skills are important for the smooth functioning of an organization. So, a student with these skills will prove to be an asset for the company.

Career Growth and Good Salary Packages:

Both B.Com and MBA offer a good salary and career growth. Students are generally advised to go for a master’s degree after the undergraduate program so that the starting package offers a good amount of money. Therefore, both the courses serve as an opportunity for career growth and job opportunities. 

Students have several dilemmas in their mind regarding jobs, salary packages and the courses to do after passing the 12th grade. However, before going for any course, you are advised to have full knowledge regarding the course details. You should know the duration of the course, the job opportunities and the salary provided after the completion of the course. In the above article, you can find topics like Jobs after B.Com and Salary, job opportunities after B.Com + MBA and other related topics which provide solutions as to which undergraduate course you must do and what to pursue after that. 

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