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Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

Updated on 23 February 2021
Digital Marketing
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Updated on 23 February 2021

Online Advertising or Online Marketing is defined as the form of marketing which uses the internet as the source for promoting the products. Online products like clothes, accessories, gadgets etc are promoted via the internet for online advertising companies. The types of online advertising include social media marketing, phone/mobile marketing, search engine marketing etc. These online platforms provide customers a variety of options. 

The effectiveness of online advertising in purchase decisions are based on the following pointers:

Low – Cost 

Offline advertisements require a high amount of money as it includes printing and banner-making. On the other hand, online advertisements can be done at a lower cost. Social media platforms help in promoting a particular product at a very low cost. There are better returns in online advertising than in offline. 


Online advertising can be done in various formats like audio messages, links/URLs, and video messages etc. People surfing online like innovative ways of promotional messages. Therefore, online advertising companies must promote their products in different formats which will appeal to the viewers.

Target – Audience


Online advertisers have the ability to reach a particular segment of the targeted audience. These online advertisers can track whether the viewer has seen a particular ad or not. This helps in reduction of these repetitive ads and helps in providing exposures at different time intervals.


Online advertising can be done globally. Therefore, the promotion reaches up to different countries. This helps in companies having some good exposure. Moreover, they also have a chance of expanding their products globally.  

A project report on effectiveness of online advertising reveals some shortcomings of the online advertising and marketing. This report focuses on the fact that consumers can be fooled sometimes by this online advertising. 


There are certain security concerns of online advertising. Sometimes the consumers are asked to fill in their banking details and then some certain sites take advantage of consumer’s trust. For instance, if you buy something online, then the payment option asks for your bank details. Here certain sites cheat the customers in terms of hacking accounts or providing cheap quality products at high prices. So consumers need to be careful while purchasing items.


Sometimes there is a discrepancy regarding the order placed and order received. Consumers are not satisfied with the orders received from these online sites. Sometimes consumers are cheated on the MRPs (Maximum Retail Price) of the products i.e. the product that they ordered from one site had a high price and the same product had a different price on the other site. 

These are some of the shortcomings of purchasing online. This is the reason why consumers feel that it is not safe to buy products online. Sometimes the product ordered has a cheap quality or is of a relatively higher price. That is why customers prefer offline marketing than online. 

Effectiveness of online advertising on consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour refers to how the consumer reacts regarding various online ads. There is a certain choice of people as what they want to view or purchase. Advertisements which are simple and plain do not attract the viewer’s attention. People want innovative ads that are visually appealing so much so that they are compelled to buy the product. Social media marketing includes selling of a luxurious lifestyle i.e. people want to be accepted socially so they look out for a solution in social media. And social media marketing helps the customers in viewing and buying stuff that will appeal to them. This is how online advertising works. Consumer behaviour is directly related to the products that the advertising companies have to offer.    

Objectives of effectiveness of online advertising 

There are certain objectives of effectiveness of online advertising. The online advertising and marketing provides customers the best thing possible and for that the online advertisers need to keep certain things in mind. They are:

Market – Advertising

Firstly, the advertisers need to tell the market about the new product that they have launched. This will help them in attracting consumers. Therefore, advertisers must look out for a particular market with the targeted audience and tell them about their product.

Improving Security

The main reason for people not buying online is the fear of fraud. Therefore, the company must improve their security and make up to the trust of the customers. Moreover, the advertisers can help the customers in using the product that has been mistakenly provided by the agency.


Online advertising companies must provide various schemes to its customers on particular occasions so that the goodwill of the company is maintained. These schemes will help in attracting new customers and will benefit the old ones. 

Online Promoting

Online advertising companies adopt various ways to promote their products. They collaborate with websites like You-tube so that customers are reminded of the company and the product. Therefore, online promoting is crucial for online advertising companies.

Online advertising helps people choose better as it provides a variety of choices among brands and products. There are certain objectives of effectiveness of online advertising which the advertiser has to keep in mind while promoting a particular product. Online advertising has both negative and positive effects. Therefore, online advertising is good and people must try these online products once to have a fair view regarding online marketing and purchasing. 

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