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Difference Between Digital Marketing And Online Marketing

Updated on 22 February 2022
Digital Marketing
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Updated on 22 February 2022

What is Digital Marketing? What are the different forms of Digital Marketing? What is the use of Digital Marketing? We have heard these kinds of questions. We often strive to find the meanings of such terms as they are somewhat similar. So, let us begin from the scratch.

Digital Marketing is defined as the advertising technique undertaken by the companies in order to influence the target audience in buying a particular product. Various companies use digital platforms to reach out to its customers. Now, why should we use digital marketing? What is the difference between marketing and E-Marketing? These questions do come up in our mind. Well, Digital Marketing is an important component as it comprises both online and offline modes of marketing. 

At the online platform, Digital Marketing faces both positive effects and negative consequences. Various companies showcase their brands at several digital platforms. Ranging from garments to accessories to electronic gadgets; everything is available online. In the present scenario, we can have anything at our home with just a click.

In the negative way, online digital platforms can be tiresome. An individual has to review the product, read feedback and then order. A lot of time is wasted in doing so. And ironically, the wrong product is ordered sometimes with some or the other defect. Even after reviewing everything, these mistakes happen. 

According to a survey, almost 53% of people use online digital platforms while 47% of them use offline mode of marketing. Having said that, let us now discuss the various forms of digital marketing and their differences.

Difference between Online Marketing and Internet Marketing

Online or Internet Marketing is defined as the process of reaching out to the customers through the internet. Well, there is no difference between Online Marketing and Internet Marketing. Rather, these two are the synonyms of Digital Marketing. Like Digital Marketing, Online or Internet marketing also reaches out and persuades the customers in buying a particular product via the internet. The ads that we see on the websites are forms of Online Marketing. 

Difference between Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Well, Internet Marketing is the process of influencing the customers through ads. Internet Marketing is applied in both online and offline modes. Some examples of Internet Marketing are:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Digital Advertising
  4. Content Marketing

On the other hand, Social Media Marketing is a form of Internet Marketing that involves influencing the customers in an online mode via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Social Media Marketing includes posting unique and fresh content so that more customers are attracted to buy your products/services.

Difference between E-Marketing and Digital Marketing

E-Marketing is defined as the process of marketing that is conducted online. E-Marketing includes marketing a brand of a company and influencing people in buying it. This process is conducted over PCs and phones. Some of the examples of E-Marketing include:

  1.  Runkeeper
  2.  UncommonGoods
  3.  Bonobos
  4.  PayPal
  5.  Amazon Local

On the other hand, Digital Marketing includes both online and offline platforms. The online platforms have been mentioned in the above point. The offline platforms include postcards, billboards, brochures etc. The only difference between E-Marketing and Digital Marketing is that the former is always practiced in an online mode; while the latter includes both online and offline modes. This is the difference between E-Marketing and Internet Marketing. 

Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing is defined as the process of marketing in which both online and offline methods are used to reach out to the targeted audience. The online modes include Google Ads, Content Optimisation, Content Marketing and much more. The offline modes include Guerilla Marketing, Telemarketing, Print Ads etc. It is important to note that Digital Marketing is a broad term including several forms under it. 

digital marketing trend in 2021

On the other hand, Traditional Marketing is a kind of an offline mode marketing wherein the customers are reached out through billboard ads, brochures, pamphlets, postcards, direct mail etc. We have often seen that various pamphlets and brochures are circulated in the newspapers. These pamphlets are the form of traditional marketing. 

A newly opened restaurant, showroom or malls undertakes the process of traditional marketing. Many people feel that traditional marketing is better than digital marketing as newspapers are read by everyone. Therefore, with the help of newspapers, the ads also reach thousands of people. But it is not so, i.e. both the kinds of marketing have its own positive and negative effects. Since we have already discussed the pros and cons of Digital Marketing above, let us now look at the pros and cons of traditional marketing.


  1. Traditional Marketing offers DIY options i.e. you can make changes according to your wish in the product that you have bought.
  2. Traditional Marketing does not involve much risk when it comes to the expansion of a brand.
  3. Traditional Marketing is better at reaching a certain set of audience.
  4. This kind of marketing is an example of direct mail. Therefore, it can reach a particular set of people.


  1. Traditional Marketing is more expensive than Digital Marketing.
  2. Traditional Marketing only focuses on local audiences, whereas Digital Marketing focuses on community as a whole.
  3. Traditional Marketing gradually loses its audience. But the targeted audience stays in Digital Marketing as the company launches various offers and products to keep its existing audience and reach out to the new ones. 

Now, what is the difference between Online Marketing and Direct Marketing? Well, there is not much of a difference between the two terms. Online Marketing is the process of persuading the customers in buying a particular product of the company. Brand Endorsement is a form of Online Marketing. There are several other forms of online marketing as well like Search Engine Marketing, Content Strategising and much more. 

Direct Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing that involves directly communicating with the customers through mail, social media, SMS etc. some examples of direct marketing include:

  1. Promotional Letters
  2. Outdoor Advertising
  3. Text Messaging
  4. Coupons
  5. Phone Calls

There is just one difference between the two i.e. Digital Marketing includes the promotion of brands through digital platforms only; while Direct Marketing can be done through a variety of channels. There is no limitation of channels in direct marketing. 

Now, having discussed digital and direct marketing, let us now know about the difference between Marketing and E-Marketing. As we have already seen above, E-marketing is the process of reaching the audience through online modes like social media, websites and much more. E-Marketing is useful for the companies who want to expand their business on a digital platform. Some examples of E-Marketing include Amazon, FlipKart, PayPal etc. 

Whereas, Marketing is practiced in an offline mode wherein the medium is the newspaper, magazines, brochures etc. Audience encounters a marketing message through an offline mode of marketing. Marketing involves identifying the needs of the customers and determining the ways to meet those needs. This is effectively done in marketing. One must not get confused between E-Marketing and Marketing.

E-Marketing involves promotion of a particular brand/ product of a company. E-Marketing involves advertising the products launched by the companies.In the above article we have seen various forms of marketing and their related differences. It is important for the people to know the different forms of marketing. We must also know the meanings of every term so that they do not get confused between them. The difference between digital marketing and social media marketing has already been given above along with the other terms. Thus, marketing and advertising are two different terms having separate meanings.  

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