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UPSC Pre Preparation Tips For Beginners

Updated on 01 March 2021
UPSC & State PSC 2021
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Updated on 01 March 2021

The UPSC 2021 exam is just around the corner and aspirants are putting their best foot forward to prepare for this exam. Factors including immense competition, vast syllabus and unpredictability of the questions asked in the exam make UPSC even harder to crack in the first attempt. For this, aspirants opt for various preparation strategies as they enroll for UPSC courses or take up self-study to ace this exam. However, aspirants who are new to this exam often waste their precious time in figuring out the overall exam syllabus, paper pattern, correct reference books, etc. 

So, if you are new to this exam, you must know that UPSC is one of the toughest national-level exams for aspiring civil servants. You need to put in a lot of dedication and effort to stay focused and clear this exam. With the combination of sheer determination, hard work and a positive attitude, you will surely clear this exam on the first attempt. After clearing this exam, candidates can join one of the most prestigious careers by serving the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce. 

In this article, we have curated some of the best preparation tips for beginners that will help you out with your UPSC preparation. 

UPSC 2021 Preparation Tips for Beginners 

Keep an Eye on UPSC Website 

The first and the most important thing before you start your preparation is to check the official website of UPSC. You must check the exam dates, admit card release date, note down the syllabus and other important announcements regarding the examination. This is a very crucial step since you cannot afford to miss out on any important update like the change in exam date or syllabus. As you are a beginner, keep the habit of checking the official website from time to time. 

Know the exam syllabus and Pattern 

We suggest you note down or keep a copy of the syllabus to yourself so that you can be well-aware of the subjects and the corresponding chapters asked in each subject. Even if you are preparing with the help of UPSC courses or coachings, still knowing the syllabus will benefit you for self-study and understanding the concepts. In addition to this, check the exam pattern like the weightage, marking scheme, duration of each paper, etc so that you are well-aware of the complete examination. 

Plan & Set Goals 

To clear your UPSC exam, you need to be organized till the day of your exam so that you can stay focused on your exam preparation. For this, planning is very important. Aspirants must plan their daily schedule and the subjects to be completed before the examination. Make a study schedule and follow it daily. Apart from this, set a goal for yourself and then work towards fulfilling it. For example, set a timeline to complete a particular chapter on a day and then study hard to complete it. 

Clear your Basics 

Only those aspirants who have their basics clear and strong can master UPSC. This is because without learning and understanding the basics, you cannot study the advanced concepts easily. Especially for exams like UPSC, where you need to build a strong foundation and then based on that you will be able to proceed with the difficult concepts. So, aspirants should clear their basics from NCERT books and only then proceed with the difficult concepts from the standard textbooks. 

If you have enrolled for any UPSC online coaching or classes then the coaching will teach all the relevant concepts but remember to dedicate some time for self-study as it is the best way to learn the concepts by yourself. 

Do not Refer Too Many Books 

There are numerous books out there for UPSC preparation and so beginners often get confused as to which books they must refer to. Often aspirants choose the wrong set of books and end up wasting their time. So, to avoid that you must refer to NCERT books and clear your basic concepts and only then move on to the standard textbooks. 

Read Newspapers Daily

To clear your general studies section, you must be aware of the current events. Building up your GK is not that easy as you need to start early to gain information on the latest as well as past events. So aspirants must read newspapers from day 1 of their preparation and highlight the important events that can be asked by UPSC. Read newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Financial Express and The Times of India. 

 Join UPSC Online Coaching If Needed 

Online coaching is a great way to learn at your own pace and save time spent on traveling to the classroom. Apart from this, online coaching will provide you with one on one personalized coaching and doubt solving sessions at an affordable price. However, make sure to choose the best online coaching for UPSC 2021 as your whole exam preparation depends on it. Compare the coaching with other coachings in terms of price, benefits and features and only then enroll in one. 

Make Notes & Revise 

Keep a habit of making notes after completing the entire subject so that it will be useful to refer to at the last moment. Self-made notes are very effective as you have made them from your understanding. Along with this, revision is another important aspect that should be taken into consideration by aspirants. Dedicate at least 1 hour to revision daily and also keep ample time for the same before 1 month of the examination. 

Keep a Positive Attitude 

Your Attitude matters a lot when it comes to clearing UPSC. A positive attitude will take you up to great heights and help you in fulfilling your vision. Many aspirants tend to give up due to stress and improper time management. However, you must remember that along with hard work, a positive attitude will surely reward you with success in your UPSC exam. 

To conclude, to turn your dream into a reality, you must follow the above-mentioned tips and . For a beginner, clearing UPSC in the first attempt. will be easier if they are ready to take the hard path by dedicating a lot of time to study and avoid wasting more time socializing. Lastly, choose the best online coaching for IAS and start your preparation 10-12 months before your UPSC exam. Good luck to all the IAS aspirants!

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