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Preparation tips to crack SSC CGL Exam

Updated on 09 September 2022
SSC 2021 Preparation Strategie
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Updated on 09 September 2022

Staff Selection Commission- Combined Graduate level exam (SSC CGL) is a national level examination that is conducted annually each year. This exam is quite tough due to the level of competition among lakhs of candidates and the vast syllabus. However, clearing this exam can be rewarding for candidates as they get to work under the various ministries and departments of the Indian Government. SSC CGL exam is all set for this year as the dates of the examination are already out on the official website of SSC.

Candidates must note that there are in total four tiers i.e. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 to this examination. In this article, we will help candidates to clear their SSC CGL exam on the first attempt by providing certain tips that are very crucial from the exam point of view. So, let’s dive into the tips to crack the SSC CGL exam below. 

Know the Exam Pattern For SSC CGL Preparation

The first and the most important step before starting the preparation is to know the complete exam pattern. This will help you to be well-aware of the topics, marks, the number of questions, etc asked in the exam. Take a look at the exam pattern for SSC CGL below -




No of questions 

Mode of Exam

Tier 1

Quantitative Aptitude 



Objective Type questions 

English Comprehension  




Type Questions

General Awareness




Type Questions

General Intelligence and Reasoning




Type Questions

200 Marks

100 Questions

Tier 2

Quantitative Abilities 




Type Questions

English Language and Comprehension




Type Questions





Type Questions

General Studies (Finance & Economics)




Type Questions

800 Marks

500 Questions 

Tier 3

Descriptive paper (Hindi/English)

100 Marks 

Offline mode (pen and paper-based test)

Tier 4

Skill Test: data Entry speed test and computer proficiency test

Not applicable for all posts 

Candidates must note that the time duration for tier 1 is 60 minutes, Tier 2 will be conducted for 60 minutes (each paper), and Tier 3 will be of 60 minutes. Tier 4 is the skill test that will be conducted for certain n posts only. The last stage is document verification. Note that there is no sectional cutoff for this exam.

Know the Exam Syllabus For SSC CGL


Knowing the exam syllabus is the second step towards acing the SSC CGL exam. You have to carefully read the syllabus and keep a copy of the same to yourself. Note down the topics and subjects that are expected in the examination. Read each topic and imprint it in your mind to face any question easily asked from any topic in the examination. To download the syllabus, you can visit the official website of SSC. 


Refer to correct Study materials for SSC CGL 


Studying from the right study material is very essential for SSC preparation. With tons of study materials out there, candidates have to choose the correct set of materials that are suitable for their learning. We are providing a list of some of the study materials below that will help you out with your preparation.

Best Reference Books for Math:

  1. NCERT Math (Grade 6- 11) 
  2. Quantitative Aptitude by Dr. R.S Aggarwal
  3. Advanced Math By Rakesh Yadav

Best Reference Books for English:

  1. Objective General English by SP Bakshi 
  2. Wren & Martin- High School English Grammar and composition 
  3. Perfect Competitive English- V.K Sinha 
  4. Quick Learning Objective General English by RS Aggarwal and Vikas Aggarwal

Best Reference Books for General Awareness: 

  1. NCERT Books of class 10, 12
  2. General Knowledge- Lucent Publication 
  3. Manorama Yearbook

Best Reference Books for Logical Reasoning:

  1. Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr. R.S Aggarwal
  2. How to prepare for Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma
  3. Analytical Reasoning by M.K Pandey

Prepare a Study Plan 

Candidates must make a study plan so that they can manage their time effectively. Making a study plan will be useful for knowing the time given to each subject, keeping a track of the entire syllabus completion, and in better organization. 

Solve Mock tests and previous year question papers 

You need to solve mock tests daily as that will boost up your preparation and help you to know whether you are on the right track or not. In addition to this, solve previous years’ question papers to get well-aware of the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the SSC CGL exam. 

You can Opt for an SSC Online Course for preparation 

If you are still in the dilemma of how to prepare for SSC then you can simply rely on online courses. Studying with the help of online courses and study materials is a great way to save your time and money. Apart from that, the study materials that you find online are mostly customized as per the individual’s needs at a minimal cost. You can also enroll in live courses or one-to-one sessions with educators and learn face to face with them. 

Important-Topic Wise Preparation for SSC CGL 

One of the most effective SSC Preparation tips is to divide the topics according to their importance. For now, let’s focus on the Tier-1 paper as that will be your main gateway for entering further stages of the exam. 

Quantitative Aptitude- This section requires a thorough practice of mathematics. Here, questions related to Algebra, Arithmetic, Data Interpretation, geometry & mensuration, and trigonometry are asked. Note that the highest weightage in this section is given to arithmetic. 

How to prepare for SSC Quantitative Aptitude? 

Practice is the key to scoring good marks in the SSC CGL Quantitative aptitude section. Practice some good mathematical questions on a regular basis. In addition to this, clear your basics and make a separate formula sheet so that you can refer to it at any moment during your preparation. Avoid shortcuts and focus on time management as you need to solve some tricky problems during the paper in minimal time. Lastly, dedicate at least an hour or two to math problem-solving daily.  

English Comprehension- In this section, questions related to English vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension will be asked. The major weightage here is given to vocabulary. Candidates should know that this section will test their proficiency in English. 

How to prepare for SSC English Comprehension? 

Reading is very necessary when it comes to this section. Read newspapers, magazines, online blogs, etc to improve your grammar and reading comprehension skills. You can also refer to the thesaurus, which you can easily find online to improve your vocabulary. Developing a good habit of reading will definitely help you to score the best grades in SSC CGL English comprehension section. 

General Awareness- In this section, questions related to general science, static gk, current affairs, and miscellaneous are asked. The highest weightage here is given to the general science and Static Gk section. 

How to Prepare for the SSC general awareness section? 

To prepare for the general science section, refer to some good books of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. The same tip goes for the static GK section where you need to refer to some reliable books for learning History, Geometry, Indian Polity, etc. 

To prepare for the current affairs section, read newspapers and be well-aware of the national and international happenings. Whereas for the miscellaneous section, be thorough with concepts like various books and their author’s name, computers, national schemes, important days, logical analysis, and so on. 

General Intelligence & Reasoning- This section covers verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Here a candidate’s problem-solving skills and thinking ability are evaluated. 

How to prepare for SSC General Intelligence & Reasoning? 

The most important tip to crack SSC CGL General Intelligence and Reasoning is to practice. Solve numerically based on logical reasoning and get a hold of it. Be well-aware of certain concepts like the directions i.e North, south, east, and west. Also, remember the correct alphabetical order as that can be a bit tricky to solve. 

To conclude, the above-mentioned SSC Preparation tips are useful for aspirants who are preparing for their Exam. Along with the tips, aspirants must work hard and put in a lot of dedication to complete their vast SSC syllabus. You may also enroll in an online course as you can get instant guidance and feedback from the educators. However, do not neglect self-study as you will be able to evaluate yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses in a particular topic. As the exam date is near, you must leave no stone unturned and get ready with your preparation. Good luck!

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