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How To Create a Blog and Earn Money Online in 2021

Updated on 13 April 2021
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Updated on 13 April 2021

Find A Domain Name

Once you’ve answered all the questions to your liking, it’s time to find a domain name to register. This will a lot of brainstorming. It’s highly suggested that your blog name and URL be the same.

Register Your Domain Name

When you find a domain name that is easy to remember, is short, and most importantly, one you like, you should register it right away. I use BigRock for my domain registrations, they offer a lot of options and good customer service. Their domain panel is nice also.

Get up to 25% off with my personalized coupon

Check out BigRock for buying a domain

Setup Hosting for your Blog

Now you’ll have to find a place to host your website. This means finding a hosting company that has servers specifically to make your site accessible on the Internet.

My Recommend Best Affordable Hosting For Starting a Blog is HostArmada,

Check Out HostArmada Review

Check Out HostArmada vs Bluehost

Their plans are extremely cheap and give a lot of benefits.

Let's follow the detailed guide to, Buy Hostarmada Hosting

How To Buy & Start a Blog With HostArmada

1)Click here to try Hostarmada SSD shared hosting with a 75% discount, once you landed on this page click on plans & pricing

Luckily we were able to get an exclusive discount from HostArmada. They offer a 75% discount and free domain name for SS Digital Blog users. → Click here to take advantage of this HostArmada exclusive offer ←

2) Now you can see their shared hosting plans start at $ 3.99 a month, and you'll also have a Discount coupon that will take advantage of 75% off HostArmada shared hosting plans.

Just click on the plans and pricing as shown above where you will see 3 shared hosting packages. 

If you want to host one website, start with the HostArmada Start Dock plan. Apart from that, I will recommend that you try the Web Warp or Speed Reaper plans as they allow you to add an unlimited number of sites.

For this tutorial, I choose Start Dock but you can choose according to your requirement 

3)After you select your preferred hosting plan, you will be redirected to the domain registration/transfer page, which looks something like this:

4)HostArmada offers free domain registrations for the first year, But You can also use your existing domain if you just need hosting for this you just need to change the nameserver 

After that, you will be taken to their billing cycle page.

5)Now you have to choose a data center that is closer to your target audience so that they can access your website faster.

HostArmada has 9 data centers in the 7 largest countries in the world. You can easily choose the closest one. It will also help reduce your site's load time.

🔔Newark, NJ,

🔔USA Toronto, Ontario, Canada

🔔London, UK

🔔Frankfurt, Germany

🔔Mumbai, India


🔔Sydney, Australia

🔔Dallas, TX,

🔔USA Fremont, California, USA

6)My recommendation is to go with a 36-month billing cycle because only then you'll be charged $ 3.99 per month on their base plan for 3 years. If you opt for their annual plan, you will have to pay more after a year due to their high renewal rates.

8) Again check all the necessary details like domain name, hosting plan and click on continue

9)If you opt for their start dock plan,, you can get a FREE domain along with 1 year of hosting for only $ 48 buutttt wait as I said I have something extra for you 

Take a look! 

When you landed on this page you will see 70% ONE TIME DISCOUNT what you need to do is simply remove the 70% OFF coupon code just by clicking the remove code option

10) And ENTER my special coupon code “HOSTINGGRADES75” which gives you an extra 5% more discount,( You will get almost $10 - 11 extra discount on every SSD shared hosting plan of HostArmada

Amazing Magical Right !!!

Now Click On Validate 

11) As you can see the code is applied and you get an extra $10 off, Now Click On Checkout 

12) This is the last step to buy your hosting fill in all your details like name, email, phone number.

13) Hostarmada currently supports 2 payment gateway PayPal and credit or debit card.

Here are the available card brands that you can use:



American Express


Diners club


Union Pay

Alternatively, you can use PayPal to purchase any service that HostArmada offers. If you're having trouble processing a card payment, PayPal would be a welcome option.

14) After filling in your payment information click on Checkout 

If you have a problem regarding purchasing hosting I also make a video about it 

How To Buy Hosting With HostArmada ( VIDEO)

How To Install WordPress After Purchasing ( VIDEO)

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